Line drawing Illustration of curvy person with short curly hair and large palm leaf text says Queer Ancestors Project 2020 Unapologetic anthology reading

Join Queer Ancestors Project virtually for a reading to celebrate the release of the Queer Ancestors Project Anthology, in collaboration with Foglifter Press and Strut. This event will happen online so you can all tune in from the comfort of your homes.

Sarria Ovalle

Eva Ovalle​ José Sarria God Save Us Nelly Queens! And God bless José Sarria. José Sarria is an American drag entertainer, war veteran, restauranteur, founder of the Imperial Court System, and one of the first LGBT activists in San Francisco. Born to Latino immigrants, José served in occupied Germany during WWII. After the war, he returned […]

fuzee by Robinson

Amari Robinson Adrienne Fuzee Adrienne Fuzee was one of few Black lesbian curators in the country. She was also an art historian and strove to preserve Queer art as a part of the founding board of the Queer Cultural Center. Considering that the art world tends to be over-represented as European and heterosexual, it is […]

Bill T. Jones

Renée Jones Bill T. Jones What a wonderful dancer. Bill T. Jones clearly expressed all of who he was through his dancing, but strangely I don’t believe he ever specifically choreographed a piece about being gay or the epidemic of AIDS. I love the idea of patterns and tribal art painted on a body. It […]

Nina Simone

Amman Desai Nina Simone I chose to make a print of Nina Simone for several reasons: 1) I wanted to honor a Queer artist who has deeply influenced me, 2) I wanted to bring Nina Simone’s queerness to the forefront of the conversation that has been markedly silent on her bisexuality, and 3) I wanted […]


Joan Chen Baldwin This piece is an altar image for a more recent queer ancestor, James Baldwin. I came upon his writing a few years ago when I was trying to find my way in the world shortly after I graduated from college. Reading Baldwin helped me to renew my efforts in forging my claim […]

David Wojarnovicz

Sasha Solomonov Untitled (David Wojnarowicz) I saw LJ Roberts’ embroidered portrait “Censorship Protest Mask (David Wojnarowicz)” at Not Over: 25 Years of Visual AIDS at LaMaMa Galleria in New York City in 2013, which recalled both Wojnarowicz’s resistance art and the activism in response to the censorship of his film. Roberts’ stitched image was based […]

Corey Brown

Corey Brown The Star (Miss Major) turquoise Guidance, serenity, and hope In the words of Barbara Moore, a well-known modern author of tarot meanings, “Stars have played roles both mystic and mundane in the lives of humans. We like to wish upon a star. Looking at the stars gives us perspective. Stars are used for […]

ancestral shifts

jorge mata flores ancestral shifts (untitled) Using the concept of intergenerational trauma as a jumping off point, this untitled piece is an exercise in accessing ancestors. Taking the idea of trauma being passed on a cultural and genetic scale, this piece asks the question whether more than trauma is passed on. If we still hold […]

Katie Gilmartin

  Katie Gilmartin I valiantly tried to embody the anguished suffering artist, but chronic backsliding forced me to resign myself to a life of delight, abundance, and gusto. My checkered past includes stints as a buoyant union organizer, bona fide sex researcher, and deeply engaged college professor. I attended Oberlin College and Yale Graduate School, […]