Carlos Brache      Artist Statement The complexity of queerness in our times is heightened by society’s desire to neatly and comfortably categorize. Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered are labels that resonate with the weight of history. We are contained within these bodies. Our bodies must relate to the things around them. I create work that […]

Jose Alvarado     Artist Statement Some of these images are from a project I am working on, dealing with Immigration Reform; the project is called “50-60 Wet Backs” in response to congressman Don Young’s insensitive comment about the 50-60 wetbacks last year.

Shana Agid       Artist Statement Call a Wrecking Ball to Make a Window is a map-fold book with original text that explores routes taken and spaces made by queer people in New York City from the 1970s through the 2000s. Drawing links between the lives of gay men in that period and my […]

QIY – Queer it Yourself: Tools for Survival June 4 – 24th, 2011 SOMArts Gallery and Cultural Center San Francisco, California QIY curatorial committee: Terri Berlier, Josh Faught, Jordy Jones, Rudy Lemcke (Chair), Matt McKinley, Pamela Peniston, and Tina Takemoto. Exhibition Coordinator: Nicki Green Exhibition Design: Matt McKinley Inspired by the late 1960s utopian builders’ […]

Threads June 7 – 26, 2009 SOMArts Gallery and Cultural Center San Francisco, California Opening Reception: June 7, 2009 3pm Threads Curatorial Statement Queerness weaves the threads of our physical, social and moral existence together into a multi-dimensional fabric of community and our selves. As queer artists we continue to create complex identities and imagine […]

ReMix: ReFraming Appropriation Curated by Jonathan D. Katz A Reunion of QCC Visual Artists June 1 – 26, 2012 SOMArts Gallery and Cultural Center San Francisco, California   ReMix: ReFraming Appropriation mines 15 years of National Queer Arts Festival exhibitions towards understanding the centrality of the act of appropriation for queer art of the recent past.  Using […]