Creative Labor – 2016

Cardim, Lorenzo There is no glitter here Performance and Installation Mixed Media

Cardim, Lorenzo
There is no glitter here
Performance and Installation
Mixed Media

QIY (Queer-It-Yourself) Expo and Faire
Curated by Rudy Lemcke
Opening Reception and Faire: June, 2016

Creative Labor: Queer-It-Yourself (QIY) Expo and Faire 2016 looked at material and immaterial labor that manifests itself in the work of Queer Bay Area Art and Artisan Culture. The exhibition focused on the use of traditional craft techniques in non-traditional ways, new media work that uses code and image processing to weave narrative and experimental structures across platforms, and the idea of the Craft, Maker, and Pop-Up Market places as alternative models for economic and aesthetic transactions.

The QIY (Queer-It-Yourself) Expo exhibition was envisioned as a laboratory and experimental network for creating a sustainable queer culture and demonstrating the power of self and community organizing, re-creation, speculation, and transformation. Queer-It-Yourself culture invites artists to forge their own tools, visions and systems of exchange for confronting the everyday challenges of contemporary queer existence and to invent and re-imagine alternative modes of aesthetic and economic sustainability.

The QIY Faire featured queer arts and crafts, zines, artisan products, and inventive creations of all type. QIY workshops and hands-on demos were featured during the Faire. The Faire was free and open to the public.


10 minute sketches by Dhada Roxana

10 minute sketches by Dhada Roxana

Artist in the Exhibition

 EG Crichton  wilson  ahearn  abruzzee
  EG Crichton  Angie Wilson  Bren Ahearn  Carlo Arbruzzee
kolbe  walker  leder  allegra
  Kolbe Roper  Debra Walker  Evie Leder   Indira Allegra
crusan  sanders kadet cardim
  Jamee Crusan  Jeremy Chase Sanders   Kadet Kuhne  Lorenzo Cardim
nakano micahscott ramekon  roseborough
  Mia Nakano  Micah Elizabeth Scott  Ramekon O’Arwisters  Tim Roseborough
 Torreya Cummings