Carlo Arbruzzee


Carlo Arbruzzee

By processing information from the US Census, these paintings translate demographic data into visual form. Each color, including white, represents one of the 7 ethnic groups as defined by the government census. Each piece maps the quantities and locations of ethnic groups within the geographic area.

(State of California: 1 square inch = 20,000 residents)

(Bay Area Counties: 1 square inch = 500 residents)

All information is from the US Census Bureau

*This project is made possible with support from the de Young Artist Studio program and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.


Carlo Abruzzese’s work integrates the disparate worlds of fine art and quantitative information, creating images that encourage us to re-interpret the world around us. He is currently working on a series of paintings translating immigration statistical data from the United Nations into works of fine art.

He received his Masters Degree in Architecture from Harvard University and received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of California at Berkeley, where he also has been a Visiting Studio Instructor in Architecture.

He has recently exhibited at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, the Santa Fe Art Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the David Brower Center in Berkeley and numerous galleries throughout the Bay Area.

Carlo Abruzzese lives and works in San Francisco.