Debra Walker


Debra Walker

This work documents a few of the pieces Walker is doing with Google in San Francisco.

The actual images are digital painting in a variety of applications of the iPad and Photoshop.  Walker creates the images and then they are printed on wallpaper material and installed on the walls, doors and ceiling of elevator lobbies at the Google offices at 1 Market Street.

Walker has created 12 images for 12 lobbies.

The large hanging is a portion of a piece representing the entrepreneurial spirit of SOMA (floor 16) and the expansive creativity that has always been part of this neighborhood and San Francisco….pioneering individuals in art, entertainment, tech, theater, politics, design……with bright ideas.  Ideas that push boundaries and rewrite, enlighten and emblazon movements.  Movements that sprout here and change the world.


Debra Walker is a painter and activist in San Francisco.  She has worked and exhibited in San Francisco for decades with George Krevsky Gallery before that gallery was displaced in this latest round of gentrification.  She has been pushing boundaries with technology in art with augmented reality, digital painting and interactive media since 2004. Using various applications she draws and paints on her iPad and creates limited edition pieces in various mediums and on various media.