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Torreya Cummings This work was made while at work—Cummings diverted waste material from museum exhibit graphics production into sculptural objects and other-than-intended installation material. These “thefts” of time and labor rescued, at least temporarily, materials that were unfit for their original task, but have their own compelling visual qualities. Biography Torreya Cummings has shown work […]

Tim Roseborough Queer people are drawn to the edges and peripheries of a society because — in some form or another — we are always running. Queer people run to avoid being trampled by the misunderstanding and sometimes unkind masses, to evade being drowned out in the din of stifling normality, and to shield themselves […]

Ramekon O’Arwisters With Many Stories 2013 – 16 is an ongoing project of Crochet Jams, the social practice of Ramekon O’Arwisters. Crochet Jams engage the public to think differently about the role of art within community and the power of art within society. Crochet Jam—a public, art-making event that’s embracing and inclusive, with no attempt […]

Micah Elizabeth Scott Ecstatic Epiphany is a human-scale window into an imaginary space. This piece is for anyone in the gallery to watch and control. Walking past it, your movement is amplified into a shift in perspective. Sometimes this is a passive action, other times it can lead to a dramatic change as chaos unfolds […]

Mia Nakano Mia Nakano is a photographer, videographer, editor, web-designer, teacher, consultant, printer, writer, and social change maker based out of Oakland, CA. She honed her skills working on projects in China, Japan, Nepal, and the US. Her work can be found in numerous print and web publications, along with contributions to countless community and […]

Lorenzo Cardim The Harbinger, whether a person or thing, is the sign of an impending event. The performance symbolizes the messenger shedding his skin. It highlights the performer’s desire to move forward, no matter what force pulls backwards; the desire to contradict the laws of motion through passion. In the two-hour durational performance, the viewers […]

Kadet Kuhne Taking form in 3D printing, video, installation, sound, interactivity, and 2D prints, I generate synthetic stimuli as an investigation of subjectivity through systems of control and technological mediation. With a preoccupation of what constitutes “consciousness,” I aim to prompt visceral, even pre-verbal emotional and physical responses to the invisible forces of particles and […]

Jeremy Chase Sanders I weave “queer plaids” that contain words coded into the patterns. I experience synesthesia, which causes me to see a certain color associated with every letter of the alphabet. I match threads to the colors I see in language and weave cloth with coded text. I use this process to elucidate the […]

Jamee Crusan Jamee Crusan’s interests lie in questions surrounding the “truth” of love within a media dominated society. In a time where love is becoming more of a spectacle and disposable, how can you know if it really exists? Using life events as an inspiration for work, Crusan uses media ranging from video, installation, photography and sculpture. […]

Indira Allegra The word text is rooted in the Latin verb texere, which means ‘to weave’. I am a writer and performance artist thinking through craft, generating texts that exist as woven objects and time-based works. By performing craft processes, I explore alternate modes by which documentation can occur. By securing warp threads to my […]