EG: (r)Evolution of Gender – Jordy Jones

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Jordy Jones
Artist Statement

Jordy Jones is a bijou transomi always game to wrap
his luppers round a bona cartso, park a plate or offer
a dolly dish to a bold basket.

His latest passion is ‘polari’, the lost underground speech of
English gay men,derived from a combination of lingua franca,
cockney, and sailor slang, and demonstrated above.

He is an artist, writer, curator and community advocate.
He has worked artistically with venues as diverse as Intermedia
Arts Minneapolis, Minnesota, The Guggenheim Soho and the De
Waag Society for Old and New Media Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
He is proud to serve the queer community on the LGBT Advisory
Committee of the SF Human Rights Commission, on the Board
of Directors of the SF LGBT Pride Celebration Committee. He is
past co-chair of the San Francisco Transgender Civil Rights Implementation
Task Force. He is pursuing a Master’s degree in Museum Studies at SFSU
and will begin doctoral work in 2003 in Visual Studies at the University of
California at Irvine, where he will be a UC Chancellors Fellow and will
write a dissertation cultural history of trans* communities.