RECEPTION FOR EG: (r)EVOLUTION OF GENDER Visual Arts Exhibition Examining Gender Identity in the Queer Community Friday, June 6th 6:00pm-7:30pm SomArts/Rear Gallery Gallery Admission is Free Saturday, June 14th 3:00-5:00pm Guided Tour & Discussion SomArts/Rear Gallery RECEPTION FOR EG: (r)EVOLUTION OF GENDER Visual Arts Exhibition Examining Gender Identity in the Queer Community Curated by: Eliot […]

Tim Taylor About the Artist Taylor blends identity politics to create powerful works around race and gender. He has shown around the United States and in Japan. Presently, he is curator of exhibitions at the San Francisco Airport Museums at the San Francisco International Airport. He is also curating the B/GLAM visual arts exhibition of […]

Hien Nguyen Artist Statement Originally, I plan to include just my recent works for the show. However, Kriss and Eliot have convinced me to include my older works as well. Doing so would reveal the transformation through the years and a search for identity. I started out working with bald beings as my subjects. They […]

Jenny Michals Artist Statement A fluid perception of my self is at the base of my work, including identification with one gender or another. Distilling my sense of self through trickery is how I create my art. Once I start thinking about art I can’t make it anymore. My mind gets in my way. I […]

Jordy Jones Artist Statement Jordy Jones is a bijou transomi always game to wrap his luppers round a bona cartso, park a plate or offer a dolly dish to a bold basket. His latest passion is ‘polari’, the lost underground speech of English gay men,derived from a combination of lingua franca, cockney, and sailor slang, […]

Teri Claude Dowling Artist Statement Teri Claude Dowling is originally from the Mojave Desert of Southern California, and has been living in the Bay Area for the past 10 years. She received her BS in Biology from UC Irvine, and earned an MFA in sculpture from CCAC in 2002. She has been a lesbian single […]

Kriss De Jong Artist Statement A multimedium artist working in art and technology. Neither nor. Either or. None of the Above. All of the Above. Depends on the day. Muppet identified. Gender is a limitation. A box that I don’t fit in and don’t care to. My identity doesn’t require a gender. I don’t feel […]

Eliot K Daughtry Artist Statement My introduction to the world of art was at my grandfather’s workbench, where he shared with me his knowledge of fine carving, and how to use all manner of tools. By the age of 10, I knew how to operate most power tools in a wood shop, and how to […]

Tammy Rae Carland Artist Statement “The fiction of our invisibility remains influential.” Neil Bartlett A photograph is literally a trace, a sign, a symbol or evidence of something that was, something that existed somewhere – however fleeting that existence might have been. Identity is literally a trace, a linguistic sign or symbolic imprint, evidence via […]

EG: (r)Evolution of Gender June 6-29, 2011 SOMArts Gallery and Cultural Center San Francisco, California Curated by: Eliot K Daughtry and Kriss De Jong of Killer Banshee Studios Outside of constraint visited on mainstream concepts of gender, the queer continuum revels in paradox, defying definition. Presented as part of the National Queer Arts Festival 2003, […]