Examining Gender


Examining Gender
Femina Potens Art show in conjunction with Hope & Healing

Opening reception: June 2 from 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Exhibition: Thursday — Sunday, 12:00pm — 6:00pm thru June
Femina Potens


Info: www.feminapotens.com

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Images by Eli Joseph VandenBerg

Femina Potens is proud to present Examining Gender a visual art exhibition featuring photography, sculpture, video and print works by Brooklyn, New York based artist, Eli Vandenberg and Bay area artists, Shelia Malone and Sora Kimberlain. 

Artists Biographies:

Eli Joseph VandenBerg

Eli Joseph VandenBerg is an ftm printmaker who lives in Brooklyn, NY and is currently working on getting his MFA in printmaking at Pratt Institute.  He developed the site http://www.adventuresinboyhood.com as a place to show his art work, but it has since become a place for him to record his transition from female to male, to raise a bit of cash for his upcoming top surgery, and to get the word out about various transgender issues.

Sora Kimberlain and Sheila Malone

Artists Sora Kimberlain and Sheila Malone explore ideas of what is natural, unencumbered experience contrasted against what is fabricated or manipulated by human intervention and compulsion in a remarkable body of collaborative works called Through Your Eyes or Someone Else’s: Perceptions of the Body (Transvergence, Transgender, Transmedia).  Kimberlain’s figurative works on paper and sculpture and Malone’s photography and video pieces merge in an examination of the topography of the body, gender and technology.  The harnessing of technology that delivers unprecedented dominion over our bodies and appearance takes on a special role in this show as both artists speak to the issue of the natural vs. the engineered or fabricated.  “Medical technology alters the physical body to catch up with an essential emotional identity,” explains Malone.  The vision of these two talented artists and long-time friends intersect in what they call a “liquid bed of perceptions” where gender, identity, and a “perceived life circuitry” exist.