Pick Up the Mic – Party


Pick Up the Mic – Screening After-Party With Performances
Frameline & Qcc

June 22 at 9pm

Tickets:  $10 – $3 off with Pick up the Mic Frameline ticket stub
Information: For information about the film and tickets to the film go to: www.frameline.org

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Juba Kalamka Katastrophe JenRo

Qcc hosts the official After-Party to Frameline’s screening of Pick Up the Mic at the Castro Theater!  Deep Dickolective with Juba Kalamka, aka Point 5 Fag, produces a serious party featuring live performances from many of the stars of Homo Hip-Hop who appear in the film—many of them already stars here in the Bay Area. 

Also appearing on the bill are:
Johnny Dangerous from Chicago, IL
Deadlee from Los Angeles, CA
Dutchboy from SF
Scream Club from Olympia, WA

Please bring your ID as liquor will be served!


Thursday June 22 – 6:00 pm – Castro
$9 members – $10 general – PICK22C

Information: on the film and tickets to the film go to: www.frameline.org


What do you do when an art form that has been the outlet for a disenfranchised people is hurled hurtfully at people who are even more disenfranchised? In the swaggering and often homophobic world of rap and hip-hop, a few queer revolutionaries have done what revolutionaries always do — seize the means of production! Bursting at the seams with life, this documentary traces the incipient hopes of a generation of MCs out to claim verbal territory from a resistant musical genre.

Spanning the nation, filmmaker Alex Hinton introduces us to innovators and icons of the scene. Katastrophe, an FTM lyrical liberator, says he just wants to provide a place where queer hip-hop fans can go “that doesn’t just fucking tear them down.” Dutchboy, a self-described funky bisexual, formed the first group of out rappers. Even in this small (but growing!) scene, there are a wide variety of styles and philosophies, from Miss Money, who says she’s a hip-hop artist who’s gay, not an artist who does gay hip-hop, to Johnny Dangerous, who spits out provocative and hilarious lyrics: “They say every man’s home is his castle, while I know it’s really his asshole!”

Starting with the movement’s roots here in the Bay Area and culminating in the triumphant Peace Out East concert in New York, this movie triumphantly proves that somewhere in these dense curls of language is the key to a new way of thinking about gender, community, hip-hop and life itself.

Following the screening be sure to check out an absolutely off the hook show with many of the performers from the film. Produced by The National Queer Arts Festival along with Juba Kalamka for more info go to wwww.queerculturalcenter.org.

Frameline30, the 30th San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, screening June 15-25 at the Castro Theatre, Roxie Film Center, Victoria Theatre, Cinearts@Empire, and the Parkway Theatre is the oldest and largest event of its kind in the world. Tickets go on sale to Frameline members Friday, May 26. General public ticket sales begin Friday, June 2. Tickets are available at Superstar Satellite video store located at 474 Castro Street (between Market and 18th Street in San Francisco), online at www.frameline.org/festival, by phone at 925 866 9559 and by fax at 925 866 9597.