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The World is Your Oyster, Eat Up, Little Pearl, is a dark, funny, sexual (but not sexy) dance by award-winning Minneapolis performance trio Mad King Thomas. This genre-bending piece delves into mythology, archetypes and social boundaries, throwing around sparkles, penis jokes and Barbies with a gleeful disregard for the rules, both social and theatrical. Tying an over-the-top sense of humor to darker commentary, they tackle questions of sex, identity, gender, power and self-determination with vulgar, honest hilarity. Twin Cities Daily Planet called it “a brilliant and beautiful fugue of dark humor, despair, and resigned absurdity.” Hot dogs, enormous slutty trashbags, and mermaid tails populate this feast of performative delights as Mad King Thomas wanders the ridiculous, strange and isolated paths of queer female identities. website:

Sara Yassky is happy to be back at The Garage after their successful show during last year’s NQAF.  Sara will present the questions and outcomes of investigating solo work in and with the company of others. Developed with performers on both east and west coasts, this performance will explore what it means to make a solo of the masses.

rodrigo-x-caldera-300x199DOLO by Rodrigo Caldera, is legal terminology for “with ill intention”, explores the human capacity to kill within our species. Whether induced or innate, some humans harbor the capacity to bring an end to human life. This performance is a culmination of an in depth investigation which opens a window into the psyche that you may wish remained closed. Rodrigo studied various forms of dance while obtaining his B.A. in Psychology from San Francisco State University. He witnessed, first hand, the healing power of movement and community; integrating the physical, mental, and social spheres into one. His desire for self-expression and quest for the intersection of psychology, dance, and performance brought him to Tamalpa Institute, a movement based Expressive Arts Therapy program, unearthing the personal and communal stories living in his body. He continues to expand his awareness of the body and works with others to find expression through movement and the exploration of their unique body mythology training at the Tamalpa Institute. Caldera’s performances have included works that promotes a message of HIV prevention, support of local politics, community building, and a celebration of queer Latino artistry as a board member for QueLaCo.