Hazardous Waste Project


June 15, 2008

Directed By: Dwayne Calizo

Voice Factory

Blue Buddha: Photo by Dwayne Calizo

Four Artists: one Trans, one H.I.V. infected, one Queer of Color and one Queer Elder, each creating a performance piece exploring the topic of “MAKING LOVE”.  Come discover which artist keeps lockets of hair in the mayonnaise jar tucked in the corner of the top shelf of their walk-in closet. Hazardous Waste’s focus is on the treatment of marginalized communities in our society while exploring the danger the participating artists pose to the mainstream, to small mindedness, to stereotypes, and to the status quo.

Artists Participating:

Old Soul Crooner: Blue Buddha
World Famous Poet: Judy Grahn
Fashionista Renegade: Stephen Henry
Rising Experimental Mistress of Song and Words: Ramona Web

The Mission of Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory is to nurture the development of Queer Performers, Educators and Activists by providing them with Artist in Residence Programs and Arts programming. We believe that the process and product of creative activity have equal value, that all talent is worthy of development, and that artistic expression is essential to our community’s health. We place special emphasis on supporting the work of Queer People of Color, Trans People and artists living with HIV/ AIDS. MCVF is also home to The Experimental Performance Institute, Ko-Labs, SF Poetry Slam, Vocal JamOut, Boylesque Training Camp, Crash Cabaret: Where Queers Collide, Hazardous Waste Project, and its DIY Residency program. For information on performance opportunities and how you can get involved check us out at