Is Gay Male Culture Dead?



Is Gay Male Culture Dead?
A Blow-Out Evening of New Words, New Music and New Art – Guywriters
June 15, 7pm
Performance & Readings
Jon Sims Center
Tix: $8 – $15
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These days, gay men seem more interested in laying low than acting up. Sexual liberation, gay activism and circuit parties – none of it is quite like it used to be. Have the AIDS epidemic, crystal meth, online “dating” and keeping “busy” finished off what’s left of gay male culture – or are gay men simply hibernating until the Next Big Thing? Who are we? What do we want? And where are we going?

One thing is for sure: it ain’t about your mama’s gay culture. Today, the Internet is everything, sex is out of the closet, men of color are doing it for themselves, and god forbid you don’t have a circle of out friends to help you deal with it all!  Get plugged in and hooked up at this poetry orgy and prose explosion served hot with funkalicious beats and mind-bending art. The Bay Area Reporter called last year’s event “an unforgettable moment in the Bay Area poetry scene.”  This year’s event – showcasing GuyWriters’ amazing home-grown queer talent and spotlighting local literary rock stars – will be just as powerful, intimate and outrageous!  Don’t you think it’s time to join the evolution?