Queer Brilliance Film Festival


queer brillianceQueer Brilliance Film Festival
June 21, 2016
Humanist Hall, 7:00pm
Lead Artist/curator/group: Candy Guinea

Tickets: $12-$15 (sliding scale NOTA)
Brown Paper Tickets Link: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2547332
Website: http://queerbrilliance.weebly.com



Queer Brilliance Film Festival (QBFF) is a documentary film festival that will feature 9 short films created by queer and transgender filmmakers of color that celebrate the theme of not simply surviving within their own communities, but thriving. The films will highlight the multiplicity, fierceness, and brilliance of the myriad of experiences within the queer and trans people of color community throughout the country. This is a valuable opportunity to amplify the voices of queer and transgender people of color in their own words. Come watch short documentary films that are sure to inspire, to amaze, and to incite!


Candy GuineaCandy Guinea is a Queer, Xicana, Bay Area Native and documentary filmmaker. She became interested in filmmaking when she completed the Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project (QWOCMAP) filmmaker training program. Candy is invested in creating films that authentically represent the experiences of queer, immigrant communities and communities of color as a tool for structural social change. As a documentary filmmaker, she believes documentary films that are created by and about queer and trans people of color are necessary because they amplify the visibility and humanize the experiences of underrepresented communities. She is currently pursing a M.F.A. in Cinema degree at San Francisco State University, where she has recently completed her second documentary film, “Que Siga la Cumbia,” about the Queer Qumbia dance party and the importance of queer and trans communities of color taking up public space in a rapidly gentrifying region like the Bay Area.




“Mazy” Directed by Yuting Jiang



“With Conviction” Directed by Dulce Garcia



“Mirrorball” Directed by Brad Nguyen and David Carrillo Lombera




“Do Not Think For a Moment” Directed by Adria Siu and Vivian Wang



“Building With: Christian Eddings” Directed by Lala Openi



“Let Me Set the Record Straight” Directed by AK Sampson and Iman Sylvain



“Bustin’ Out: From Solitary to Re-Entry” Directed by Janetta Johnson



“My Beautiful Resistance” Directed by Penny Baldado



“Dom,” Directed by Stacia Cokley



“Que Siga la Cumbia” Directed by Candy Guinea

Discipline: Film


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