Saints and Sinners


Saints and Sinners: Queer Chicano/Latinos Re-defining Spirituality
Curated by Meliza Bañales for Galeria & QueLACo

June 23, 8:00pm
Galeria de la Raza

Tickets: $7

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Tina D’Elia Mario Balcita M. Park Prado Gomez Samuel Gonzalez

Are we saints or sinners, a bit of both, or neither?  Chicano/Latino culture is embedded with religious icons, traditions, and expectations.  Though many of us experience spirituality differently, common threads are woven and a new community emerges.  Living as Queer and Chicano/Latino how do we reclaim, redefine, or follow tradition?  How do we see our spiritual selves, especially in the 21st century?  How do the internet, traditional icons such as Guadalupe, and our own histories influence us?  And how do we build and maintain spiritual communities that honor our diversity?  These questions and many more will be approached by some of the most talented and visible writers and performers in the Bay Area through spoken-word, storytelling, and performance!  All saints, sinners, angels, outlaws and everyone in-between are welcome. Featuring the talents of: Tina D’Elia, Prado Gomez, Samuel Gonzalez, Mario Balcita, and many more!  Curated by award-winning poet Meliza Bañales.