Trans March 2006

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Building A Supportive Community For All Genders
The Third Annual Trans March

June 23 at 3:00pm – 7:00pm Performances/Speakers, March at 7:00pm
From Dolores Park to Civic Center



Calling all transfolks, friends, allies and admirers! We are calling for this march to demonstrate that we are a significant and growing portion of the LGBTIQ community; to increase our visibility and presence in the TGIQLB community and the overall community at large; to encourage more trans and gender-variant people to come out; to build connections among ftm, mtf, bayot, crossdressers, sadhin, hijra, transvestites, bantut, drag queens, drag kings, mahu, transsexuals, bakla, travesti, genderqueers, kathoey, two spirit, intersex and those with other labels for themselves and no labels for themselves, those who see gender as having more than two options, and those who live between the existing options; to support one another as a community, through all of our struggles; to speak out against violence, hate, transphobia, and the oppression of any and all of us under the existing social structure; and to be fabulous and powerful in the company of others that are fabulous and powerful. Dress up, show up, bring signs, speak out, and be what happens!

Last year’s historic Trans March brought together an estimated 5,000-6,000 people for an amazing community-driven grassroots demonstration on the weekend of LGBT Pride.  Featured speakers and artists on our Dolores Park sound stage included elected officials such as State Assemblyman Mark Leno and District Attorney Kamala Harris who have championed Transgender rights issues, the legendary trans/dyke punk rock band Tribe 8, the Transformers drag king ensemble, solo performance poet Sini Anderson, Transgender In Prison project director Alex Lee, celebrated transman hip-hop artist Katastrophe, punk/glam-rockers Shawna Virago and the Deadly Nightshade Family, intersex activist and performance writer Thea Hillman, and many others.   This year’s event is expected to attract over 15,000 transgender people and allies.

Primary sponsors, organizers and supporters of this event include:
Many individual transgender community activists
Good Vibrations
Horizons Foundation
United Genders of the Universe
Walden House
Fresh Meat Productions
Femina Potens
and many more to come.