Jamee Crusan


Jamee Crusan

Jamee Crusan’s interests lie in questions surrounding the “truth” of love within a media dominated society. In a time where love is becoming more of a spectacle and disposable, how can you know if it really exists?

Using life events as an inspiration for work, Crusan uses media ranging from video, installation, photography and sculpture. The diaristic tone within the work allows for viewers to identify with the troubles of traumatic relationship breakdowns, unavoidable melancholy and the nonsensical nature of it all.

Crusan puts contemporary takes on love and desire, gender, queer exhaustion, astrology and the metaphysical in conversation with the traces and marks that a vulnerable, intimate experience leaves on those involved.

If it doesn’t scare us even a little bit, then it lacks the ability to be that once in a lifetime opportunity to change our lives for the better. It is within the realms of loss that a collective “we” can be found.  Loss is something we have all experienced at one time or another in many different forms. We are attached to others, to our bodies and exposed to each other and at risk for losing these attachments.


Jamee Crusan graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2013 with BFAs in both Photography and Graphic Design. Crusan is currently an MFA candidate in Studio Practice at the California College of Arts in San Francisco, California, where they are concurrently pursuing an MA in Visual and Critical Studies.