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Frameline33: San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival showcases the boldest and newest queer films from around the world and our own backyard! This year, Qcc co-sponsors two documentaries: A Drag […]

Bay Area archivists explore hurdles faced in collecting materials of queer women, people of color, transpeople, and other marginalized groups, and how to overcome them.  Part of the GLBT Historical […]

Get your tickets now for this outrageously popular, critically acclaimed, history-making event before they sell out! The Fresh Meat Festival is the only festival of its kind in North America, […]

borderOUT is a collaborative of Bay Area based queer immigrant artists.  From stilt walking acrobats to border crossing rancheras, artists tell their stories through spoken word, music, dance and theater. […]

Stories of romance in spite of social stigma, as told from both sides of the bed. Turns out it’s not actually true that sex workers are incapable of feeling love; […]

Queer cisgender women and queer transgender women are allies, friends, support systems, lovers, and partners to each other. Trans and cis women are allies to each other every day — […]

Across Queer Time is an exciting evening of experimental short films, videos, installation and performance works that explore the ever evolving queer body.  Included in this evening will be historically […]

Martyr, Coward, Fag, Lover, Son A gay teenager is murdered. A town tries to cover it up. A family struggles to respond. Only one will risk it all for justice.  Join […]

Celebrate the release of Maiana Minahal’s Legend Sondayo (Civil Defense Press) and Ching-In Chen’s The Heart’s Traffic (Arktoi Books/Red Hen Press) and these independent presses nurturing the voices of queer […]

Where and how do we find our “queer of kin”? What kinds of bonds are possible within queer communities, and what can we still see creating in the future? Feminist […]