Frameline33: San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival showcases the boldest and newest queer films from around the world and our own backyard! This year, Qcc co-sponsors two documentaries: A Drag King Extravaganza about an International Drag King event and My Buddy Claudia centering on the life of a Brazilian transperson.

Bay Area archivists explore hurdles faced in collecting materials of queer women, people of color, transpeople, and other marginalized groups, and how to overcome them.  Part of the GLBT Historical Society’s 2009 program series, TALKING BACK: QUEER HISTORY FULLY EXPOSED.

Get your tickets now for this outrageously popular, critically acclaimed, history-making event before they sell out! The Fresh Meat Festival is the only festival of its kind in North America, celebrated for its powerful, joyful, deeply moving performances. This year’s Festival offers transgender and queer taiko, hip hop, modern dance, ballroom, live music, clogging, theater […]

borderOUT is a collaborative of Bay Area based queer immigrant artists.  From stilt walking acrobats to border crossing rancheras, artists tell their stories through spoken word, music, dance and theater. Artists include the Cuban hip-hop group Krudas Cubensi, singer Maria Machetes, dancer and acrobat Gaston Mazo, poet Zuleikha Mahmood, the dance/theater group Colombian Soul, emcee […]

Stories of romance in spite of social stigma, as told from both sides of the bed. Turns out it’s not actually true that sex workers are incapable of feeling love; or too generous, greedy, humiliated or gold-hearted to pursue it. Likewise, the city hosts hordes of humans who love whores. In fact, many of those […]

Queer cisgender women and queer transgender women are allies, friends, support systems, lovers, and partners to each other. Trans and cis women are allies to each other every day — from activism that includes everything from Take Back the Night to Camp Trans; to supporting each other in having “othered” bodies in a world that […]

Across Queer Time is an exciting evening of experimental short films, videos, installation and performance works that explore the ever evolving queer body.  Included in this evening will be historically important films like Dyketactics by Barbara Hammer as well as works having their regional debut by Marc Adelman, Julian Vargas, and Killer Banshee among others. […]

Martyr, Coward, Fag, Lover, Son A gay teenager is murdered. A town tries to cover it up. A family struggles to respond. Only one will risk it all for justice.  Join Julia Steele Allen and Ray Rizzo for this original one-woman rock opera that charts the distance from tragedy to transformation through the experiences of Noise’s […]

Celebrate the release of Maiana Minahal’s Legend Sondayo (Civil Defense Press) and Ching-In Chen’s The Heart’s Traffic (Arktoi Books/Red Hen Press) and these independent presses nurturing the voices of queer women! Gathering an exuberant range of voices, aesthetics, and thematic concerns, this creative showcase featuring the work of Robyn Brooks, Ching-In Chen, Ananda Esteva, Judy […]

Where and how do we find our “queer of kin”? What kinds of bonds are possible within queer communities, and what can we still see creating in the future? Feminist sisterhood, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, queer ball cultures, neo-pagan and fairy communities, the Eureka Valley Metropolitan Church, BA-Sappho (a virtual community), etc., these are […]