Are you a virtuous woman? Do you intend to live a virtuous life in the United States? Do you know that you are at liberty now to go to the United States, or remain in your own country, and that you cannot be forced to go away from your home? Answer questions correctly and supply […]

Artists and Their Circles Carland, Katz, and Koestenbaum are joined in an onstage discussion to address how artistic circles form and transform visual and literary artistic practices. Coinciding with the Living Room program in the Schwab Room, the panel guests inspire Gertrude Stein’s infamous salons as they weave a history of queer artists and writers and […]

Don’t miss one of the first collections featuring queer graffiti and street art artists. A multimedia featuring catolog, postered construction walls, murals, and visual arts exhibit, it’s a groundbreaking project! In street art world, being queer isn’t okay. The scene is dominated by misogynistic and homophobic heterosexual men. This exhibit, intended to counter the world […]

June 3-4 Organ Donor with Kyra Rice, Michael Velez, Ronja Ver and Tyler Holmes The Garage 975 Howard St. SF 8pm $10-$20 June 5-6 Garage All-Stars I with STEAMROLLER, Zari Le’on and James Graham The Garage 975 Howard St. SF 8pm $10-$20 June 10-11 Like This with Minna Harri, Peter Max Lawrence and […]

The BEarMUSEMENT art exhibition foregrounds ideas about what images are considered “beautiful” in LGBTQ culture and forwards an aesthetic vision of Bears and Chubs. Exhibition artist Noel Ibay works in styles including graphite, electronic mediums, photo-realistic renderings, stylized iconic images, and pop-culture parodies. Opening night, Friday June 3, the artist will unveil an HIV/STD prevention […]

QCC’s Queer Conversations on Culture and the Arts presents: Jonathan D. Katz, co-curator of Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture A Fundraiser/Reception and Lecture LGBT Center – 4th floor Fundraiser/Reception: 6pm Tickets: $25 – $100 (includes preferred seating at lecture) Meet Jonathan D. Katz at a pre-lecture reception to benefit the Queer Cultural Center’s […]

Despite queer histories of seeking less harmful ways of living –lesbian lands, radical faeire lands, urban queer collectives- creative queer visions of sustainability are often missing in the current heteronormative ‘green’ movement. In a third and final episode, Dirtstar 2011 will Take Root at the Tenderloin National Forest/Luggage Store Annex with a Visual Arts Residency. […]

Essayist, cultural critic, and poet Wayne Koestenbaum is one of the most energetic and original writers working today.  With books like The Queen’s Throat: Opera, Homosexuality and the Mystery of Desire and Hotel Theory, he has made an unparalleled contribution to the writing of queer cultural history.  Gertrude Stein was a key figure in that […]

Since 2003, RADAR Productions has hosted monthly literary performance  with an emphasis on queer-centric and underground voices. Each June, RADAR joins forces with the National Queer Arts Festival and the James C Hormel Center of the San Francisco Public Library  to present their queerest and most bombastic lineup of the year. Join us for a […]

Welcome to the 2011 National Queer Arts Festival A Sustainable Queer Planet When we discussed this theme for the 2011 National Queer Arts Festival, we were thinking of all the definitions of “sustainable.”  We wanted to bring to the fore queer ecological movements but we also wanted to look at the ways that queers sustain […]