Evie Leder This work is made as a gift for my father, a closeted homosexual who passed away in 2003. It’s the first in a series called “Kaddish”, dealing with loss and remembrance. This work was funded in part by the San Francisco Arts Commission. Biography Evie Leder was born in New Orleans in 1964. […]

Debra Walker This work documents a few of the pieces Walker is doing with Google in San Francisco. The actual images are digital painting in a variety of applications of the iPad and Photoshop.  Walker creates the images and then they are printed on wallpaper material and installed on the walls, doors and ceiling of […]

Kolbe Roper Looking at queer culture and histories of San Francisco I erase Drummer Magazine covers with silver polish, and use hand embroidery on leather, a traditional kink material, to speak of the forgetting and erasure of histories. Kolbe Roper was born and raised in Oklahoma and a recent graduate of California College of the […]

Carlo Arbruzzee By processing information from the US Census, these paintings translate demographic data into visual form. Each color, including white, represents one of the 7 ethnic groups as defined by the government census. Each piece maps the quantities and locations of ethnic groups within the geographic area. (State of California: 1 square inch = […]

Bren Ahearn I use textile crafts to explore masculinity’s conflicting messages, and I typically use the cross-stitch ABC sampler form to document how I’ve been educated to be a man in US society. (Years ago embroidery was part of a girl’s educational process, and during times when girls were not afforded a formal education, girls […]

Angie Wilson Angie Wilson’s works emerge as meditations on creation and the cosmos, referencing natural phenomena as well as craft traditions. She explores inner and outer space, making tangible the deep and intrinsic connections we have to the universe. Angie Wilson connects her hand to the invisible hands of anonymous makers through reconfiguring pre-industrial methods […]

EG Crichton Artist’s Statement These two pieces were part of Archivi Migranti / surrogates from elsewhere, an exhibit that opened at the Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna last November. I was invited by the Italian LGBT organization and archive Il Cassero to bring my Migrating Archives project as part of their yearly Gender Bender Festival. […]

QIY (Queer-It-Yourself) Expo and Faire

The exhibition focused on the use of traditional craft techniques in non-traditional ways, new media work that uses code and image processing to weave narrative and experimental structures across platforms, and the idea of the Craft, Maker, and Pop-Up Market places as alternative models for economic and aesthetic transactions.

Opening: June 17, 2016 at 6pm
Exhibition: June 14 – 21, 2016
SOMArts Bay Gallery, San Francisco

Join the Cartoon Art Museum at SOMArts Cultural Center for a celebration of queer culture in comics! Draw, cosplay, mingle, meet creators, buy art, watch demonstrations, join conversations, and learn about LGBT*Q representation in comic books. Plus, enjoy surprises just for queer parents and kids to celebrate Fathers Day Weekend.
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June 3, 2016
6 – 10pm
Betti Ono Gallery, Oakland

Join us for the opening of 2 exhibitions: The 5Faces Project is a multi-genre collaborative gallery experience courtesy documentary photographer EPLi and black femme burlesque superstar, The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins; Femme Space is a photo project exploring queer femme identity and reclamation of space.
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