June 26, 2008

Curator-Rocco Kayiotos
LGBT Community Center. – 2nd Floor
Tickets: $8-$15 Sliding Scale

tcashley tcjoriketten tcm8
Ashley Love Enrique Urueta. Photo Jori Ketten Laura Varience. Photo: m8 small
tcnatilum1 tcnatilum2 tcrocco
Natalie Ilum Natalie Ilum Rocco Kayiatos. Photo Jessica Miller
tcsam2 tcsenior tcthequeen
Sam Davis Evan H.M. Queen Victoria E. Ortega (A.K.A. Vicky Ortega, Lady Victoria )

TransForming Community explores the friction at the intersection of contemporary trans and queer communities. With a burgeoning transsexual community growing in tandem with a genderqueer movement, what are the issues that arise when non-trans queers share cultural space with transpeople and genderqueers? With distinctly different needs and identities, what needs to be worked out between the transsexual and genderqueer and queer communities?  An extensive question and answer session follows.

This year’s edition of the always sold-out program features HM Queen Victoria Ortega, Enrique Urueta, Sam Davis, Evan, Natalie Ilum, Ashley Love and Annie Danger.