June 18, 2008 THE DEEP LEZ POTLUCK AND PERFORMANCE NIGHT Curators – joey stevenson and Caitlin Sweet El Rio – NOTE: No-one under 21 years old will be admitted 7:00pm films; 8:30 performance divine monster: light 2  photo Caitlin Sweet Nomy Lamm  photo Cadwell Linker The Deep Lez Potluck and Performance Night is a formal […]

June 18, 2008 INSURGENCY: MIXED QUEER BODIES Curator-Luna Maia Voice Factory 7:30pm Tickets: $15 left to right: Luna Maia, Kirya Traber and Nico Dacumos. Photo by: Su Evers Through mixing, culture can be a casualty and a product of war, colonization and diaspora. Using performance and spoken word we will investigate the intersections of race, […]

June 17, 2008 CRIMINAL QUEERS: A NIGHT OF PERFORMANCE, PROTEST AND ABOLITION Curators-Chris Vargas & Eric Stanley SomArts 7:30pm Tickets $5-$15 Sliding Scale, NOTA Criminal Queers The Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) holds captive generations of trans/ gender variant and queer folks. From groups like the Lower Polk Neighbors that work with the police to imprison […]

June 15 & 16, 2008 FUGUE STATE WICKIE STAMPS The Garage 8:00pm Ticketing Tickets: $10-$15 Sliding Scale This is a Qcc/SAFEhouse AIRspace Program Wickie Stamps An evening of staged readings from Fugue State, Wickie Stamps’ New Gothic crime novel-in-progress. Fugue’s sketchy characters—a queer girl out for revenge, her troubled sister, a “defrocked” psychiatrist and his […]

June 15, 2008 QUEER FOOD FOR LOVE Muse Gallery 7:00pm QUEER FOOD FOR LOVE is a DIY collaboration of queer artists, activists, and cooks who create food on a semi-regular basis for community not profit. Join us as homo cooks and food lovers get their cupcake on, serving a three-course vegan dinner accompanied by visual […]

June 15, 2008 MARGINAL BODIES: ILLNESS, DISABILITY, & THE QUEER COMMUNITY Curated by Brent Armendinger and Sponsored by Army of Lovers SomArts 7pm Drawing by Benjamin Fife To be queer is to know our culture is haunted by the fear of different bodies.  What does it mean when our bodies come to represent otherness within […]

June 15, 2008 HAZARDOUS WASTE PROJECT: MAKING LOVE 2008 Directed By: Dwayne Calizo Voice Factory 4:00pm Blue Buddha: Photo by Dwayne Calizo Four Artists: one Trans, one H.I.V. infected, one Queer of Color and one Queer Elder, each creating a performance piece exploring the topic of “MAKING LOVE”.  Come discover which artist keeps lockets of […]

June 13 & 14, 2008 INSIDE OUT: THE STORY OF FREEPLAY DANCE CREW Freeplay Dance Crew SomArts – Please note: There is an error in the hard copy catalog – The venue is SomArts Door at 7:00pm, Show at 7:30pm Tickets: $8-$12 Sliding Scale Liz Outlaw, Joshua Klipp, Janey Madamba, Shannon McClung, Dylan Martin, Shelley […]

June 14, 2008 LIVING THROUGH THIS Sizzle-Femina Potens Femina Potens Gallery 8:00pm Daphne Gottlieb Sizzle, the bay area award-winning literary series and open mic features cutting-edge artists exploring their use of art to survive madness, abuse, incest, depression, and the impulse toward self-destruction manifest in eating disorders, cutting, addiction, and contemplation of suicide. Confronting the […]

June 13-14 and 19-20, 2008 THE TOXIC COCK-TALE: HOLD THAT RETRO VIRUS PLEASE!! Written & Composed by Dwayne P. Calizo Voice Factory 8:00pm Dwayne Calizo: Photo by kin priess Recipe for The Evenings Events: 1-shot of DARK-DANK-DISCOTEQUE 2-spuges of No Talent-Talent Show 3-lines of SPECIAL KRAZY sauce, 1- backroom full of Colorful Creepy Crooner Queers […]