Join us for the 5th Annual TransForming Community! Conversations between queer and trans communities have changed dramatically in the last few years and this powerful evening of performance and discussion […]

Days I Moved Through Ordinary Sounds, the new anthology from City Lights, showcases writers who have taught youth in the WritersCorps program. Hear Stephen Beachy, Dani Montgomery, marcos ramírez, Cathy […]

Ex-Tribe 8 members Silas Howard and Lynnee Breedlove are back minus chicks and guitars. Silas is poignant and handsome. Lynnee is funny and ugly. One is on Vitamin T. One […]

LGBT audiences see themselves reflected on stage during traditional arts performances? What motivates LGBT immigrant artists to perpetuate traditional art forms in their new home? What vital, ongoing traditions have […]

The end times. 2012. The revolution. The apocalypse. Queer and trans people of color are always living in the end of the world. In this divine new Mangos With Chili […]

Exile: Vision Quest at the Edge of Identity:  Max went back to the Blood (Kainai) Reserve in 2008 in Alberta, Canada after a 22 year absence. Exile is an exploration […]

June 19 & 20 PROGRAM 1 Written & Performed By: Ramona Webb, Blue Buddha and Jair – The Literary Masturbator Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory 7pm New Orleans Anonymous written By: […]

In the most “progressive” place in the so-called United States, in the wake of Proposition 8, caught between a dominant culture determined to pave the world over and our own […]

Femina Potens proudly presents SIZZLE, the monthly Bay Area award winning literary erotica series. SIZZLE heats up the Castro every month, merging internationally acclaimed queer and erotic authors with the […]

LINEAGE, a project developed by E.G. Crichton as first Artist-in-Residence for the GLBT Historical Society, focuses on the collections of ordinary/extraordinary individuals who have died. E.G. is matching specific archives […]