EG: (r)Evolution of Gender – 2003

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EvoGenderTextEG: (r)Evolution of Gender
June 6-29, 2011
SOMArts Gallery and Cultural Center
San Francisco, California

Curated by: Eliot K Daughtry and Kriss De Jong of Killer Banshee Studios

Outside of constraint visited on mainstream concepts of gender, the queer continuum revels in paradox, defying definition. Presented as part of the National Queer Arts Festival 2003,
EG: (r)Evolution of Gender tracks the influence of gender identity on artists and their work. In this curated exhibition, eight artists will show works with different perspectives on gender identity, roles and their own relative gender positions. Subject matter ranges from androgynous and deliberately non-gendered to the ephemera of gender transition. Some artists will show work from multiple series, revealing changes in their own experiences with gender. Others will display work that seeks to expand the boundaries of gender perception and self-identity.Represented disciplines include photography, painting, multimedia and sculpture. Abstract narrative combines with found objects, reinterpretation, and the politic of theory. Each artist explores gender from a different point of view and cultural investment. Carland reinvents personal history by playing both the role of her mother and father, and Dowling suggests dualities created with prosthetics. Taylor and Jones use charged common objects to rework the lines of cultural politics in their art. De Jong and Michals create deliberate images of non-defined gender, while Nguyen and Daughtry chronicle a shift away from androgyny to explore male sexuality.Gender identity no longer begins with simple male/female constructs and juxtapositions, and it does not end at the doorstep of transgender. EG: (r)Evolution of Gender provides visual testimony from this dedicated group of artists working within queer culture to expose the riches of the gender experience.

Featuring work by:Tammy Rae Carland
Jordy Jones
Eliot K Daughtry
Jenny Michals
Kriss De Jong
Hien Nguyen
Teri Claude Dowling
Tim Taylor