QWoCFF 2008


June 13-15, 2008

Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project (QWOCMAP)
Brava Theater, 2781 24th Street, SF
Film Screenings

Left to Right:  Madeleine Lim, T. Kebo Drew, Liliana Hueso
Photo by Andrew Weeks

Panel & Retrospective Screening – Pratibha Parmar:  $10-$20
Tickets & Info:  www.QWOCMAP.org
Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  415-752-0868


Friday, June 13, 7:30 pm
Kindred Queers
Followed by Q&A Panel with Filmmakers

Still from Magic & The Moon (Pia Infante, 2008)

From a young girl’s magical waltz with the moon, to a mother-daughter tango of fear and acceptance, to the quick turns of a dyke couple on a mission to conceive, these films will shake you in a samba of spirit and determination.

Magic & The Moon (Pia Infante, 2008)

Both/And (Stephanie Yang, 2006)

Jagadamba, Mother of the Universe (Amber Field, 2008)

Renacimiento de una bruja (Zemaya, 2008)

Yo Soy/I Am (Nancy Angel, 2007)

Seeing Golda (Michelle Alcedo, 2008)

Queering My Mother (Lourdes Rivas, 2007)

One in a Million (Monifa Porter, 2008)

Running Time: 66 minutes

Saturday, June 14, 2:00 pm
Pratibha Parmar
Panel & Retrospective Screening

Internationally acclaimed, award-winning filmmaker Pratibha Parmar has deeply influenced mixed-genre filmmaking since the 80’s and continues to bring fresh representations of queer women of color to the screen.  Our Retrospective Screening highlights three influential films: Khush, an exploration of queer South Asians in diaspora; Bhangra Jig, a celebration of culture and desire; and Wavelengths, a quest for love and intimacy in cyberspace.  Our Panel Discussion “Representations of Queer API Women in the Media” will address the challenges and achievements of queer Asian Pacific Islander women filmmakers.

Running Time: 90 minutes

Saturday, June 14, 5:00 pm & 8:00 PM
From Queer API Women With Love
Followed by Q&A Panel with Filmmakers

Still from Just Another Day (Thu Trinh, 2008)

This Featured Screening by queer Asian Pacific Islander women showcases powerhouse combinations, from a tricky tap dance with immigration agents, to lyrical interpretations of grief, to the dynamic strut of a queer secret agent, these films are a vibrant groove of heritage, humor and insight.

Look Again (Jennifer Lin, 2008)

Lesbians Trying 2 Conceive (Helen Lin, 2008)

Pieces of You (K.V. Cao, 2008)

If You Knew (Lida Shao, 2008)

Visible Voice (Paulette Tran, 2008)

Just Another Day (Thu Trinh, 2008)

All of Me (Margaret Rhee, 2008)

Labels Are Forever (Jinky de Rivera, 2008)

Running Time: 71 minutes

Sunday, June 15, 3:00 pm
Sexily Subversive
Followed by Q&A Panel with Filmmakers

Still from Cut & Paste (Alexis McCrimmon, 2007)

From a 12-year-old who tip-toes around her boyish desires, to the visual legacies embodied by Black women, to the fierce shimmy of big bodacious babes, these films will spin, sway and swing you on the streets and between the sheets.  Contains explicit content.

S/He (Gina Pei-Chi Chan, 2007)

The Wink & The Pucker (Ami Puri, 2008)

Hokum (Kortney Ryan Ziegler, 2007)

Hot/N/Tot (Stephanie Cooper, 2008)

Cause She’s Got It Like That (Vanessa Lewis, 2008)

She Ejaculates (Nenna Jonier, 2008)

Play With Me (Lez Mullin, 2008)

Cut & Paste (Alexis McCrimmon, 2007)

Running Time: 60 minutes


Sunday, June 15, 6:00 pm
Delectably Yours
Followed by Q&A Panel with Filmmakers

Still from Mashed, Boiled & Fried (Margo Mercedes Rivera-Weiss, 2008)

From a serial dater who always breaks up at the same restaurant, to a rebellious zapateado against green tortillas, to tasty platanos from the lands of merengue, salsa and calypso, these delectable films will move you while they satisfy your hunger for community and connection.

Over Pho (Rui Bing Zheng, 2008)

Fried Chicken Feet (San Ng, 2008)

Too Much Plaid (Caroline Le, 2008)

Yours, Anonymous (Puck Lo, 2007)

No Stinkin Green Tortillas (Norma Ramos, 2008)

Banady & Banaria (Jay Takeda, 2007)

The Cock: Lesbian Owned & Operated (Luna Han, 2008)

Mashed, Boiled & Fried (Margo Mercedes Rivera-Weiss, 2008)

Running Time: 77 minutes