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Grahame Perry   Every AIDS obituary – this is a montage of the many obituaries that were published in the Bay Area Reporter from 1982 to 2005 of those who […]

John Paradiso    Man Fairy, 2015 (from the Fairy Series) Found image, fabric, and sharpie with UV inhibitor varnish on wood panel. 8″ x 6″ x 1″ Artist StatementWork from […]

Khoi Nguyen           StatementAs an artist I have always been interested in queer subject matter. I am currently exploring unique ways to queer open space over […]

Omar Mismar   The Man Who Waited for a KissThe installation is comprised of the newspapers stacked on a wooden palette and lit by a cinema light. The newspapers are […]

Jacqueline Mary Rough Cut 1, The Boy 13minutes Kathleen Diamond awakens to find a present from her girlfriend wrapped in her living room- a boy (Jimminy Lickitt) available to serve […]

Diana Martin Lapeña    Believers Digital Photo 18 x 12″  Artist Statement“Belivers” is a work to show ourselves our differences our confidence our way of life our secrets when we […]

Nancy Mancias Glitter Bomb Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrVQ3xVB2BMIf elected back in 2011, GOP Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty said he would reinstate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (the ban on openly-gay service). He […]

Bo           Memory of an Avalanche is a graphic memoir about my memory of multiple traumas: the unsettling transitions of immigration status, community, and the gendered […]

Nia King These are the Breaks an audio collageThe overarching theme is the individual artists’ relationships to the broader queer and trans artist of color community. The audio collage includes […]

Lori Rillera    Altar Grrrlz 1 Media: mixed paper Unframed dimensions: 10″ h x 12″ w Artist Statement The anonymity of punk feminist protest collective, Pussy Riot, transform them into […]