Join us in celebrating how Queer im/migrant, undocumented, and 1st generation folks unapologetically navigate their bodies, gender, culture, sexuality, and history through a night of intergenerational performance art, music, mixed media, and spoken word! In partnership with Bay Area community organizations such as LYRIC, The SF LGBT Community Center, RAW Talent, Streetside Stories, and The […]

Please join Writers Among Artists founder and editor Ali Liebegott in this visual and literary collaboration of dinosaurs knitting, fucking, and listening to Barbara Streisand! Queerness of the Paleolithic Age abounds at Faggot Dinosaur, a visual art exhibition, reading, and journal release celebration. Enjoy the opening reception and come back for a reading featuring many […]

Las Bomberas de la Bahia, Cherry Gallete, and DJ Rumorosa will be hosting an evening at La Peña Cultural Arts Center. Each of these performers create spaces that invite a celebration of gender non-conformity and insist that there is a beautiful place to be queer, to be human, to be of migrating fierce people. At […]

Youth Speaks is proud to present the 15th annual Queeriosity—a literary arts and performance event that creates a safe space for LBGTQ youth to speak their truths to a supportive group of peers, allies, elders, and community members.  Queeriosity is a place for queer and questioning youth to simply be, and have their emerging artistic and activist voices […]

“fierce and fine tuned…history in the making” (Bay Area Reporter) Outrageously popular, artistically outstanding, powerful and always delicious – The Fresh Meat Festival is the nation’s premiere transgender and queer performance festival. This year, Fresh Meat celebrates its big move into the gorgeous Brava Theater with an all-star lineup! The Fresh Meat Festival is thrilled to […]

The Biggest Quake brings together eight San Francisco artists with varied backgrounds in writing, performance art, music, public health, science and AIDS activism. In preparation for these three evenings, the eight artists created brand new essays and performance works in collaboration with one another. The location, Metropolitan Community Church, was ground zero for hundreds of […]

Reclaiming the Rites centers queers of color in diaspora reinventing ritual and rites of passage to mark queer life milestones such as Coming Out, Leaving Home, Queer Love, Queer Heartache, Violence, Getting Wisdom, Survival, and Transformation. Featuring artists working in the genres of dance, theater, spoken word, music, and more. BIOS Juba Kalamka is most recognized for his work […]

IN PRAISE OF DEAD GODS – Divine hymns to raw existence! Here are four outsider musicians and songwriters who slyly warp the classical music performance vocabulary into a solemn music of existential horror, longing and melancholy. Curated from across the national stage and brought together here for the first time, these artists suggest an emergence […]

Mixed race identity. Transracial adoption. Interracial relationships in the queer community. Enter the world of Mixed, Blended & Whole where humor, performance ritual, incisive social commentary, transformative entertainment, and community participation co-conspire to create something both funky and fresh. What if “obvious ethnics” adopted white babies? Pinatas full of magical surprises. Shaman or sham-in disguise? Creoleness. White elephants in […]

Atlanta-based performance collective John Q (Joey Orr, Andy Ditzler, and Wesley Chenault) join GLBT Historical Society Artist-in-Residence E.G. Crichton and artist/Queer Cultural Center co-founder Rudy Lemcke for an evening of visual and performative conversation exploring the intersection of archival research and the creative process. The group will present provisional findings of their current collaborative archive […]