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Hien Nguyen Artist Statement Originally, I plan to include just my recent works for the show. However, Kriss and Eliot have convinced me to include my older works as well. […]

Jenny Michals Artist Statement A fluid perception of my self is at the base of my work, including identification with one gender or another. Distilling my sense of self through […]

Jordy Jones Artist Statement Jordy Jones is a bijou transomi always game to wrap his luppers round a bona cartso, park a plate or offer a dolly dish to a […]

Teri Claude Dowling Artist Statement Teri Claude Dowling is originally from the Mojave Desert of Southern California, and has been living in the Bay Area for the past 10 years. […]

Kriss De Jong Artist Statement A multimedium artist working in art and technology. Neither nor. Either or. None of the Above. All of the Above. Depends on the day. Muppet […]

Eliot K Daughtry Artist Statement My introduction to the world of art was at my grandfather’s workbench, where he shared with me his knowledge of fine carving, and how to […]

Tammy Rae Carland Artist Statement “The fiction of our invisibility remains influential.” Neil Bartlett A photograph is literally a trace, a sign, a symbol or evidence of something that was, […]

EG: (r)Evolution of Gender June 6-29, 2011 SOMArts Gallery and Cultural Center San Francisco, California Curated by: Eliot K Daughtry and Kriss De Jong of Killer Banshee Studios Outside of […]