12th Annual

Director’s Statement
Welcome to the 12th National Queer Arts Festival
70 exhibitions and performances from May 31 – July 11, 2009
Presented by the Queer Cultural Center

This year’s theme is Threads. We celebrate Threads in our visual arts show, our fashion spectacular, San Francisco is Burning, and throughout the Festival’s performances and screenings.

Threads create fabric – literally and figuratively – the fabric of our many queer communities. Festival artists explore the threads that bind, mend and sometimes unravel in this spectacular fabric.

You are a vital part of this fabric: whether the warp or the woof, you will find yourself within this Festival. You’ll find events that reflect your own life stories or take a chance and explore someone else’s stories. Why not do both? We have stories in every artistic discipline presented by every kind of queer (and that’s a whole lotta queer!).

When you attend a Festival event, most of your ticket money goes directly to the artists.

So, in a sense, you are commissioning new queer art along with us. We at the Queer Cultural Center (Qcc) consider our audiences to be our producing partners.

The National Queer Arts Festival offers the best exchange rate in the country: your dollar brings you the most exciting, challenging arts you’ll see all year. Where else can you find our best emerging and established artists – live queers on stage! – for about the same price as a movie?

I look forward to seeing you at the Festival!

– Pamela S. Peniston, Artistic Director



Welcome to the 12th National Queer Arts Festival 70 exhibitions and performances from May 31 to July 11 Presented by the Queer Cultural Center This year’s theme is Threads.  We celebrate Threads in our visual arts show, our fashion…


SPIT!!!! is a musical faux-agraphy; part car crash, audio-visual combustion, transcends 2 decades in life of a Ginger, a naive island Tranny-Girl. She comes to age in back alleys and military bases in the front seat of a ‘64 Buick Skylark…

CQC 2009

The Queer Cultural Center will provide commissions between $100 - $500 innovative projects in any artistic medium. Projects that are multi-ethnic and/or cross-cultural in their approach or methodology are strongly encouraged. To be eligible…

Pride 2009

June 27 - 28 In Order to Form a More Perfect Union... San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexusl Transgender Pride Celebration 2009 Downtown San Francisco - Civic Center June 27 - Celebration in Civic Center: 12pm - 6pm June 28 - Parade…

Dyke March 2009

Join thousands of dykes in celebrating our culture at the Rally and then marching in all our power to the call: Dyke Rights = Human Rights. Visit www.thedykemarch.org for our extensive Special Needs Services, for volunteer opportunities…

Trans March 2009

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Over 40 different performance artists onstage in Dolores Park both before and after the March! Calling all transfolk, friends, allies, and admirers. Dress up, show up, bring signs, speak out and be what happens! The Trans March is an independent,…

König [King of Boylesque]

Barnaby's presents  KöNIG — a pageant unlike any other. It takes a flawless physique, impeccable style, witty charms, and jaw-dropping original talent to be crowned the King of Boylesque. This colorful pageant fuses the best in male…

Marga and The Boys

“Marga and the Boys- Barely Legal Comedy”  The hilarious homo hit returns on Pride week featuring “America’s Most Wanted Latina Lesbian” Marga Gomez (LOGO, Comedy Central) and the funniest, queerest boys in town: Marty Grimes…

Identity Writers

From 5/27 – 6/25, Femina Potens offers an intensive writers’ workshop for women and queers that culminates in this reading performance. Writer Beth Mattson will be facilitating a month- long project with writers addressing the theme…

TransForming Community 2009

Join us for the 5th Annual TransForming Community! Conversations between queer and trans communities have changed dramatically in the last few years and this powerful evening of performance and discussion captures the innovation and tension…

Days I Moved Through Ordinary Sounds

Days I Moved Through Ordinary Sounds, the new anthology from City Lights, showcases writers who have taught youth in the WritersCorps program. Hear Stephen Beachy, Dani Montgomery, marcos ramírez, Cathy Arellano, Aja Couchois Duncan, and…

Mighty Real

Ex-Tribe 8 members Silas Howard and Lynnee Breedlove are back minus chicks and guitars. Silas is poignant and handsome. Lynnee is funny and ugly. One is on Vitamin T. One is not. Both want to know what the hell is really real and true. Lynnee…

Queer Traditions

LGBT audiences see themselves reflected on stage during traditional arts performances? What motivates LGBT immigrant artists to perpetuate traditional art forms in their new home? What vital, ongoing traditions have queer communities created…

Mangos with Chili Presents QPOCalypse Now!

The end times. 2012. The revolution. The apocalypse. Queer and trans people of color are always living in the end of the world. In this divine new Mangos With Chili performance spectacular, come see the best Bay Area queer and trans of color…

Exile: Vision Quest at the Edge of Identity

Exile: Vision Quest at the Edge of Identity:  Max went back to the Blood (Kainai) Reserve in 2008 in Alberta, Canada after a 22 year absence. Exile is an exploration and celebration of his journey home. Exile searches for meaning in an…

Black and Tan Fantasy Festival

June 19 & 20 PROGRAM 1 Written & Performed By: Ramona Webb, Blue Buddha and Jair - The Literary Masturbator Mama Calizo's Voice Factory 7pm New Orleans Anonymous written By: Ramona “Mona” Webb New Orleans Anonymous…

Queeriosity 2009

In the most "progressive" place in the so-called United States, in the wake of Proposition 8, caught between a dominant culture determined to pave the world over and our own aching hearts, we are. We are our own heroes. We are a living iconography. We…


Femina Potens proudly presents SIZZLE, the monthly Bay Area award winning literary erotica series. SIZZLE heats up the Castro every month, merging internationally acclaimed queer and erotic authors with the Bay Area's top emerging local…


LINEAGE, a project developed by E.G. Crichton as first Artist-in-Residence for the GLBT Historical Society, focuses on the collections of ordinary/extraordinary individuals who have died. E.G. is matching specific archives to living people…


Frameline33: San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival showcases the boldest and newest queer films from around the world and our own backyard! This year, Qcc co-sponsors two documentaries: A Drag King Extravaganza about an International…

Collecting the Spectrum

Bay Area archivists explore hurdles faced in collecting materials of queer women, people of color, transpeople, and other marginalized groups, and how to overcome them.  Part of the GLBT Historical Society's 2009 program series, TALKING…

Fresh Meat Festival 2009

Get your tickets now for this outrageously popular, critically acclaimed, history-making event before they sell out! The Fresh Meat Festival is the only festival of its kind in North America, celebrated for its powerful, joyful, deeply moving…


borderOUT is a collaborative of Bay Area based queer immigrant artists.  From stilt walking acrobats to border crossing rancheras, artists tell their stories through spoken word, music, dance and theater. Artists include the Cuban hip-hop…

Whore Lover

Stories of romance in spite of social stigma, as told from both sides of the bed. Turns out it’s not actually true that sex workers are incapable of feeling love; or too generous, greedy, humiliated or gold-hearted to pursue it. Likewise,…

Girl Talk: A Cis & Trans Woman Dialogue

Queer cisgender women and queer transgender women are allies, friends, support systems, lovers, and partners to each other. Trans and cis women are allies to each other every day -- from activism that includes everything from Take Back the…

Across Queer Time

Across Queer Time is an exciting evening of experimental short films, videos, installation and performance works that explore the ever evolving queer body.  Included in this evening will be historically important films like Dyketactics…

A Boy Called Noise

Martyr, Coward, Fag, Lover, Son A gay teenager is murdered. A town tries to cover it up. A family struggles to respond. Only one will risk it all for justice.  Join Julia Steele Allen and Ray Rizzo for this original one-woman rock opera…

Mythic Women

Celebrate the release of Maiana Minahal's Legend Sondayo (Civil Defense Press) and Ching-In Chen's The Heart's Traffic (Arktoi Books/Red Hen Press) and these independent presses nurturing the voices of queer women! Gathering an exuberant…

What Is Queer Kinship

Where and how do we find our "queer of kin"? What kinds of bonds are possible within queer communities, and what can we still see creating in the future? Feminist sisterhood, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, queer ball cultures, neo-pagan…

One Bad Year

In 2008, a marriage ended, a nephew was murdered, and a job was lost-- and that was only the first eight weeks of the year for Meliza Bañales.  You'd think it would be a banner time to just throw in the towel, but how can you do that when…

Dirt Star

Poking fingers into dirt, food, and friends, Dirtstar connects generations and genres with story tellers, earthen homebuilders, film farmmakers, seed ball sculptors, bike-dancers, greywater-installers and chef-musicians creating visionary…

Quilts and Bedsheets

Get under the covers with the talented men of GuyWriters! We’re celebrating our fifth anniversary by spinning a few yarns about love, relationships and community. Sex, romance and other fabrications unravel themselves in this powerful…


The 5th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival showcases feisty and fantastic voyages, from dyke couples navigating desire to the riveting routes of sex toys, you’ll be spellbound to saunter through your own saucy sojourns. Opening…


Riot grrrl was a youth and punk-oriented radical sociopolitical movement that captivated the hearts, minds, raging hormones, and feminist rage of many queer and trans teen girls in the early and mid-nineties. Join the National Queer Arts…

Into the Streets!

Queer literary provocateurs were dared to raid the archives at the GLBT Historical Society and come up with the inspiration to re-imagine or re-visit a moment of queer street protest. The results are Eileen Myles, Ali Liebegott, Annie Danger,…

for now

Lyrical and inventive.  A gentle spectacle made of the most mundane of materials.  On a few small, carefully crafted stages, puppeteers Sarolta Cump, Audrey Delgado, Harvey Rabbit and  Asaf Zulah investigate the private, the interior…

Queer Relations

Native Americans are not merely ghosts from America’s denied history or the subjects of appropriation for the latest Hipster fashion craze. Hailing from Cherokee, Chickasaw and Yaqui nations, we walk out of genocide to speak our truths…


Writers, filmmakers and performance artists queerify classic myths and seek out the deviant threads in tales of yore. Join us for this free 3-part series with a menagerie of artists from across the country! With Gigi Otalvaro-Hormillosa,…

AIRspace Part II

Garage All-Stars presents Sherilyn Connelly performing Intersections and Interventions, traveling from the streets of the Tenderloin to the dungeon of a sex club. Queer Girl Theatre Project presents Remember Me. Calypso presents  “i capture…

RADAR SuperStar 2009

It's RADAR's sixth birthday! Come whoop it up with NYC lez author Sarah Schulman, author of queer classics After Delores and People in Trouble, and the recently published novel The Child; club kid turned literary sensation James St. James,…


A decades-long love affair born during student protests in Mexico City in 1968; A Black Panther on the down low in Oakland; A tomboy guitarist strumming against Martial Law in the Philippines: Queer histories and communities collide in Translations,…

Testimonies, Chisme, Spilling the Tea: An Evening of Poetry

A literary event sure to sparkle, rectify and incite, as established & emerging poets scratch the page with literary histories -- crossing generations, genres and borders of any and all imaginations. Join this intergenerational entourage of…

San Francisco is Burning!

Qcc enters the world of fabulous fashion with its first ever Benefit co-sponsored by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: San Francisco is Burning! Join celebrity judges and special guests at this fierce competition for prizes and bragging…


Join Qcc and an amazing international group of talented visual/media artists for the opening of our art exhibition, Threads. Threads is not just about fabric and costume but also how queerness weaves the threads of our physical, social…

Weaving A Web Of Queerness

Wynbiverse is a journey into the myths of creation. God is Queer! God doesn’t just love queers, S/he is one. The theme of the androgynous deity (a god with characteristics of both sexes) is nearly universal, known in Africa, in Europe,…

Krip Salon

Join us for a fabulous afternoon of poetry, music, and comedy by queer disabled performers as we thank our supporters and introduce the community to Fabled Asp, a project chronicling and celebrating 40 years of disability arts, activism…

Fresh Meat in the Gallery VI

Strangelfreak Tuesday Smillie Jen Rosenstein Emmett Ramstad This year's exhibition, Defying Gravities, asks artists: In these unstable times how do you and your community rise up and thrive?  What do you…

Rally the Troupes 2009

Rally the Troupes 5 Rally the Troupes 5: A night of savvy political and sexy queer performance!  Bay Area favorites are back for their 5th year of Rally the Troupes!! Drew Montana, former Transformer and founder of CHUBB has rounded…


Photo by Ali Rappaport; Performers from Left to Right: Khalil Sullivan (Singer/Songwriter), Liz Green (Writer/Performer), Allegra Hirschman and April Hirschman (Three Sisters Dance Company), Nick Leonard (Comedian/MC) bi-licious returns…

Identity – Art Reception

In honor of the National Queer Arts Festival,  Femina Potens is proud to present "Identity," an exhibit dedicated to exploring the multifaceted constructions of gender identity, the gendered presentations of the artists themselves, and…

Sex Worker Arts Film Festival

Join us for the 6th Annual San Francisco Sex Worker Film, Arts, & Music Fest featuring performance, parties, and politics! This year features a 2-party film festival! Sex worker movies include international documentaries, narratives…

Dancing @ The Garage

The San Francisco Moving Men presents Dancing @ The Garage. Local choreographer Joe Landini presents an evening of athletic dancing, propulsive music and really cute boys. The SF Moving Men features contemporary dance with a queer sensibility,…


Can a cute t-shirt fund the revolution? Thisway/Thatway messily explores the junction of consumerism and activism in this intermedia spectacle of fashion, movement, and video. The Gap (PRODUCT) RED campaign is a collaborative effort between…

The Hazardous Waste Project

The Project explores how our society treats marginalizes communities and calls attention to the danger underground artists pose to the mainstream, small-mindedness, Stereo -Types and to the status quo. The Project presents performance by…

Nature is So Gay!

Did you know black swans are adept at gay male parenting and koalas are one of the only species known for their lesbian tendencies?  !  Beloved queer writers and visual artists, Ali Liebegott and Nicole J. Georges, showcase artwork and…

Open Eyes

Open Eyes, Queer Film Night takes place the first Friday of each month at the Femina Potens.  Starring local artist's provocative, critical, and engaging films.  This June we will feature three hot, new queer porn films, featuring Madison…


A voyage of sensual entwinement, in/divisible spins assumptions of duality, fortifying a journey from despair to empowerment via social change. Unraveling emotional side-swiping, trust-tumbling and free-falling, reveals the division between…

The Garage All Stars Part 1

Model turned actress, Philip Huang know that there is a depression going on, people, and she’s here to help you forget your troubles.  "Ovaries and Corduroy" is a journey into the depths of tastelessness, race-baiting, and Tina Turner.…

Smash the Church, Smash the State

Join us for a reading from the anthology celebrating 40 years since the Stonewall Riots of June 1969 set off the modern day queer movement. The anthology is being published by City Lights Books on June 1. Edited by local longtime queer activist…

Risky Business

Everybody has an opinion about lesbian/feminists.  Love ‘em or hate ‘em---the truth is they fueled the movements that changed the shape of life for women in this country.  It was not safe but they risked it all to live out and open. …

Formerly Known As 2009

Army of Lovers presents "Formerly Known As," two nights of art, video and performance by 30 men who've worked in the sex industry. Kirk Read curates this festival, featuring male sex workers of different ages and backgrounds, bringing together…

6th San Francisco Sex Worker – Music

The 6th Annual San Francisco Sex Worker Film, Art & Music Festival opening music party will be at San Francisco's famous El Rio, hope to many a queer soiree with an outdoor space and great prices on libations. Plus no cover charge for…

This Many People: The LGBT Seniors Project

What does community mean for the first openly gay generation in the US?  What do we know about the lives of those who came before us in the struggle for acceptance?  How do different generations in the LGBT community learn about each other? …

RADAR Spectacle

May 30, RADAR Spectacle – Benefit for RADAR Lab Writers’ Retreat Hosted by Ali Liebegott & Michelle Tea a.Muse Gallery, 614 Alabama at 18th St. 7pm Tickets: $20 Buy Tickets on-line: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/66883 A…

6th San Francisco Sex Worker Film, Art & Music Festival

San Francisco Sex Workers Festival was established to showcase sex worker filmmakers and performers.  Our 6th Biennial Sex Worker Fest includes music curated by Mariko Passion, St. James Infirmary’s Party at the Paradise, Army of Lovers’…


Guerrilla Rep presents the world premiere of Strings, a "bromantic dramedy" written by Terrence Beswick and directed by John Caldon. Strings plays May 14 - June 6 (Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays) at Mama Calizo's Voice Factory at 1519…

Body Ties community presentation

See this once in a lifetime premier presentation of “Body Ties” by Theatre of Praxis This in—the- moment, in- the- body spectacle only exists from the minds and bodies of the brave men from the Body Ties- Together for Strength Arts…

EPIC: Visualizing Heroes Within

ARTISTS: Michael Armado, Kai Chang, dannydan, Cirilo Domine, Grace Villarin Dueñas, Hiro T., Phillip Hua, Kek Tee Lim, Weiwei Lo, Christine Lund, Tala Mateo, Freddie Niem, Heather Cox Carducci with Gigi Otàlvaro-Hormillosa, Mia Nakano…

THREADS – 2009

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Threads June 7 - 26, 2009 SOMArts Gallery and Cultural Center San Francisco, California Opening Reception: June 7, 2009 3pm Threads Curatorial Statement Queerness weaves the threads of our physical, social and moral existence together…


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Jeff Jones – Development Director
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