11th Annual

Director’s Tour of the 11th National Queer Arts Festival
Queer Cultural Center begins the second decade of its National Queer Arts Festival by shaking things up and twisting them around! This year, we open the festival on June 1st with our international art exhibition, Making Room for Wonder. We’re going on hiatus with the QBall this year and having some “Wonder-filled” performances during this visual arts opening at SomArts. Mighty Mistress of Ceremonies, the enchanting Heklina, will steer you toward the next happening.

And we got all of yer LGBT arts right here!

Consider these hot “L’s:” Deep Lez, film & performances at El Rio, The Mani Pedi Cabaret at SomArts, Remembering June Jordan, a tribute from past members of Poetry for the People, and Sara Seinberg’s Show & Tell.

Our “G” rocks with our first ever Men’s Music Festival curated by Qcc’s own Blackberri; a writers’ conference and performance by GuyWriters; Armistead Maupin reads at Radar; Kirk Read unveils his sorta solo show with musician Jeff Mooney, This is the Thing. Kirk & Zak Zymanskyi curate The New Brotherhood, bringing together Gay men and transmen to forge a fresh approach to masculinity.

“B” too! Susannah Layton assembles artists for a truly bi-licious art exhibition & performance on the second floor of The Center on June 7th.

And “T” will blow your mind. Including: 2008 Fresh Meat Festival, TransForming Community with curator Rocco Kayiatos )who, btw, has a new solo-ish show, Home-Made Super Hero). Storm Florez & seeley quest bring Trans as F©ck to the Festival; and Freeplay Dance Crew premieres a new multimedia piece.

This year’s Festival explores how queer artists fight against marginalization to take center stage while retaining an edgy identity. We kick off with LA and SF performers in Fringes, Margins & Borders curated by Leo Garcia of Highways and Michelle Tea. Michelle also explores that topic in her lit series The Outsiders and Mattilda returns with That’s Revolting: Queer Strategies to Resist Assimilation.

Chris Vargas and Eric Stanley release Criminal Queers! A Night of Performance, Protest & Abolition; Trilce Santana rounds up a talented band to present Border OUT, using the arts to explore queerness + immigration, while Insurgency: Mixed Queer Bodies brings powerful performances to the issues of mixed-race queers. Brent Armendinger’s Marginal Bodies: Illness, Disability, & Queer Community and Dwayne Calizo’s The Hazardous Waste Project study the isolating factors of illness/disease upon our community.

As for music; in addition to the Men’s Music Festival, the Spectacular Spectacular, a fashion/rock . . . spectacular; Queer Control Records’ Pass the Torch Tour hits El Rio and ExitSign: A Rock Opera and A Queer Night at the Opera mix up that genre!

Rally the Troupes meets Hogwarts Express for big fun and you can expect serious comedy from Marga Gomez in an all-new Marga and More Boys featuring Ali Mafi, Ronn Vigh and Thai Rivera.

We hope you enjoy this packed festival, our largest ever!


No Sin, My Love

No Sin, My Love:  A Panel on The New Inquisition and Queer Arts Juana Opera Project June 17 at 2:00pm LGBT Community Center / Rainbow Room Tickets: $5 - $10, sliding scale Gaspar de Alba (l) Carla Lucero (r) photo by Bill Jennings Join…


Director’s Tour of the 11th National Queer Arts Festival Queer Cultural Center begins the second decade of its National Queer Arts Festival by shaking things up and twisting them around!  This year, we open the festival on June 1st with…

Creating Queer Community 2008

June 30, 2008 CREATING QUEER COMMUNITY Voice Factory 7:00pm Free The Queer Cultural Center will provide commissions between $500 - $1500 to 4-6 innovative projects in any artistic medium.  Projects that are multi-ethnic and/or cross-cultural…

Pride 2008

June 28 & 29 United by Pride, Bound for Equality 38th Annual San Francisco LBGT Pride Celebration & Parade Civic Center Info: www.sfpride.org   This year marks the 38th anniversary of the San Francisco LGBT Pride…

Dyke March 2008

June 28, 2008 SAN FRANCISCO DYKE MARCH Dolores Park – entertainment 3:00pm March to the Castro – 7:00pm Be VISIBLE - We are the oldest! We are the largest! And we are the most outrageous!!! Join thousands of Dykes representing…

Pride Chorus 2008

June 26 & 27, 2008 LESBIAN/GAY CHORUS OF SAN FRANCISO SAN FRANCISCO GAY MEN'S CHORUS SAN FRANCISCO LESBIAN/GAY FREEDOM BAND 30th Annual Pride Concert First Unitarian Universalist Church & Center 1187 Franklin Street, San Francisco 8pm With…

Queer Latina/o Arts Festival

une 27, 2008 THE QUEER LATINA/O ARTS FESTIVAL-2008 Poetry, Prose Reading and Joteria An unforgettable night of performance featuring Dino Foxx and other queer Latinoas/os Galeria de la Raza 7:30pm Tickets: $8 Dino Foxx Come and…

Marga and More Boys

June 27, 2008 MARGA & MORE BOYS Marga Gomez, Ali Mafi, Ronn Vigh and Thai Rivera LGBT Community Center – 2nd floor Time: 8:00pm Tickets: $12-$15 Sliding Scale (l to r) Ronn Vigh, Marga Gomez, Thai Rivera (not pictured Ali Mafi) Photo…

The TransMarch 2008

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June 27, 2008 THE TRANS MARCH Dolores Park, Dolores and 19th Street 3pm -10pm - Speakers and Performers, 7pm - MARCH! FREE For more info, contact: info@transmarch. org We are calling for this march to demonstrate that we are a…

Pride 2008

June 26 & 27, 2008 LESBIAN/GAY CHORUS OF SAN FRANCISO SAN FRANCISCO GAY MEN'S CHORUS SAN FRANCISCO LESBIAN/GAY FREEDOM BAND 30th Annual Pride Concert First Unitarian Universalist Church & Center 1187 Franklin Street, San Francisco 8pm   With…

Twilight Vixen Revue and SF Boylesque

June 26-28, 2008 THE TWILIGHT VIXEN REVUE AND SF BOYLESQUE The Garage 8:00pm Tickets: $10 - $15 Sliding Scale Buy Tickets: Brown Paper Tickets A SAFEhouse AIRspace Program   The Twilight Vixen Revue and SF Boylesque present…

TransForming Community 2008

June 26, 2008 TRANSFORMING COMMUNITY Curator-Rocco Kayiotos LGBT Community Center. – 2nd Floor 7:30pm Tickets: $8-$15 Sliding Scale Ashley Love Enrique Urueta. Photo Jori Ketten Laura Varience. Photo: m8 small Natalie…

The Tingle Tangel Club

June 25, 2008 THE TINGEL TANGEL CLUB Earl Dax Presents The Bubble Lounge 9:00pm Tickets: $10, includes a free drink. For more information visit www.tingeltangelclub.com. After a successful debut in March, Earl Dax returns to San…

Coming Out Again

June 25, 2008 COMING-OUT...AGAIN Curator-Meliza Bañales LGBT Community Center – 2nd Floor 7:30pm Tickets: $8 - $15 sliding scale Design by Jacob Vaughn Gushue This event will tell the coming-out stories of folks who, because…

Home-Made Super Hero

June 24, 2008 HOME-MADE SUPER HERO Rocco Kayiatos aka Katastrophe SomArts 8:00pm, doors at 7:30pm Jessica Miller Home-Made Super Hero is a three-sectioninterdisciplinary hip-hop performance combining music, spoken word, solo performance,…

think Philosophy

June 23, 2008 thinkPhilosophy Salon(TM) D. Rita Alfonso Femina Potens 8:00pm - doors at 7:30pm It’s Pride, So We’ve Got To Ask Ourselves: “What's So Good About Being Queer?” For Queers, this is sometimes a difficult question…

Men’s Music Festival 2008

June 22, 2008 MEN'S MUSIC FESTIVAL Curator: Blackberri SomArts 3pm to 7pm Tickets: $10-$15 Sliding Scale Blackberri Qcc presents its first ever Men’s Music Festival: a day of music you'll never forget.  Come on by, pick up…

Queer Traditions

June 21, 2008 QUEER TRADITIONS Kay Turner 1pm Femina Potens Gallery Free Join folklorist/author Kay Turner for a free discussion about the significance  of the  ongoing Queer community traditions that developed in San Francisco …

All Tricked Out 2008

June 21, 2008 ALL TRICKED OUT GuyWriters LGBT Community Center – 4th Floor 8pm $8-$15 Sliding Scale For a complete conference schedule, please visit: www.guywritersconference.org Despite the richness of queer arts in the San…

Sweet Deliverance

June 20 - 22, 2008 SWEET DELIVERANCE Veronica Combs aka Vixen Noir The Garage June 20 – 8:00pm / June 21 – 2:00pm & 8:00pm / June 22 – 7:00pm Tickets: $10-$15 Sliding Scale Buy Tickets: Brown Paper Tickets A SAFEhouse AIRspace…

Queer Night at the Opera

June 20, 2008 A QUEER NIGHT AT THE OPERA Leslie Hassberg, producer SomArts doors at 7:30pm, show at 8pm Tickets: $15-$20 Back by popular demand, A Queer Night at the Opera aims to satisfy fans and neophytes alike.  The show is…

The GuyWriters Conference

June 21, 2008 THE GUYWRITERS CONFERENCE GuyWriters LGBT Community Center – Q11 10:00am Writers Conference Fee: $15 all day, includes lunch   Buy Tickets: Brown Paper Tickets For a complete conference schedule, please visit: www.guywritersconference.org   Despite…

The Queer Latina/o Arts Festival 2008

June 20, 2008 THE QUEER LATINA/O ARTS FESTIVAL-2008 Poetry, Prose Reading WHEN THE BODY SPEAKS AND TEACHES ONE TO LIVE Curated by Maria Carolina Morales Friday, June 20th, 7:30pm Galeria de la Raza 2487 -24th Street, San Francisco $8 Come…

The Last American Icon

20 June, 2008 THE LAST AMERICAN ICON: A 21st Century Happening emael & Diego Pacheco LGBT Community Center – 4th Floor & Deck 5:00pm Free emael and Diego Pacheco photo by Qing Wu emael (loveemael.com) and Diego Pacheco…

Frameline 32

June 19-29, 2008 Mark your calendars, sync your iPhones, and make your gay-cation requests for Frameline32: The San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival! This year's festival will feature more than 250 feature and short films—from…

Mani-Pedi Cabaret

June 19, 2008 MANI - PEDI CABARET (FEMME SHOW) Curator: Michelle Tea SomArts 8:00pm Tickets $10-$15 Sliding Scale Annie Oakley High-femme, low-femme, anti-femme: a nail salon by any other name would still smell as toxic. Join…

A Night With Dynasty Handbag

June 19-22, 2008 A NIGHT WITH DYNASTY HANDBAG & THE BE(A)ST OF TAYLOR MAC Produced by Earl Dax CounterPULSE Two shows in one night Thurs.-Sun. June 19-22, 8pm & 10pm, $20 ($30 for both shows) Alien = Taylor Mac After two…

Fresh Meat Festival 2008

June 19-22, 2008 2008 FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL The 7th Annual Transgender & Queer Performance Festival Artistic Director: Sean Dorsey Project Artaud Theater Thursday - Saturday: 8pm / Sunday 7pm Tickets: $15 (advance tickets recommended) Info:…

Sunny Drake

June 18-19 SUNNY DRAKE The Garage 8:00pm Tickets: $10-$15 Sliding Scale Buy Tickets: Brown Paper Tickets A SAFEhouse AIRspace Program Sunny Drake Photo by Alia Have you ever wondered if what you think you want is what you really…

The New Brotherhood

June 18, 2008 THE NEW BROTHERHOOD Kirk Read/Zak Szymanski LGBT Community Center – 2nd floor 7:30pm Tickets: $8-$15 Sliding Scale Trannymals Go to Court photo by Dylan Vade and Abe Bernard The New Brotherhood  Curators…

The Deep Lex Potluck

June 18, 2008 THE DEEP LEZ POTLUCK AND PERFORMANCE NIGHT Curators - joey stevenson and Caitlin Sweet El Rio - NOTE: No-one under 21 years old will be admitted 7:00pm films; 8:30 performance divine monster: light 2  photo…


June 18, 2008 INSURGENCY: MIXED QUEER BODIES Curator-Luna Maia Voice Factory 7:30pm Tickets: $15 left to right: Luna Maia, Kirya Traber and Nico Dacumos. Photo by: Su Evers Through mixing, culture can be a casualty and a product…

Criminal Queers

June 17, 2008 CRIMINAL QUEERS: A NIGHT OF PERFORMANCE, PROTEST AND ABOLITION Curators-Chris Vargas & Eric Stanley SomArts 7:30pm Tickets $5-$15 Sliding Scale, NOTA Criminal Queers The Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) holds…

Fugue State

June 15 & 16, 2008 FUGUE STATE WICKIE STAMPS The Garage 8:00pm Ticketing Tickets: $10-$15 Sliding Scale This is a Qcc/SAFEhouse AIRspace Program Wickie Stamps An evening of staged readings from Fugue State, Wickie Stamps’…

Queer Food For Love

June 15, 2008 QUEER FOOD FOR LOVE Muse Gallery 7:00pm QUEER FOOD FOR LOVE is a DIY collaboration of queer artists, activists, and cooks who create food on a semi-regular basis for community not profit. Join us as homo cooks and…


June 15, 2008 MARGINAL BODIES: ILLNESS, DISABILITY, & THE QUEER COMMUNITY Curated by Brent Armendinger and Sponsored by Army of Lovers SomArts 7pm Drawing by Benjamin Fife To be queer is to know our culture is haunted by the…

Hazardous Waste Project

June 15, 2008 HAZARDOUS WASTE PROJECT: MAKING LOVE 2008 Directed By: Dwayne Calizo Voice Factory 4:00pm Blue Buddha: Photo by Dwayne Calizo Four Artists: one Trans, one H.I.V. infected, one Queer of Color and one Queer Elder,…

Inside Out

June 13 & 14, 2008 INSIDE OUT: THE STORY OF FREEPLAY DANCE CREW Freeplay Dance Crew SomArts - Please note: There is an error in the hard copy catalog - The venue is SomArts Door at 7:00pm, Show at 7:30pm Tickets: $8-$12 Sliding Scale Liz…

Living Through Thus

June 14, 2008 LIVING THROUGH THIS Sizzle-Femina Potens Femina Potens Gallery 8:00pm Daphne Gottlieb Sizzle, the bay area award-winning literary series and open mic features cutting-edge artists exploring their use of art to survive…

The Toxic Cock-Tale

June 13-14 and 19-20, 2008 THE TOXIC COCK-TALE: HOLD THAT RETRO VIRUS PLEASE!! Written & Composed by Dwayne P. Calizo Voice Factory 8:00pm Dwayne Calizo: Photo by kin priess Recipe for The Evenings Events: 1-shot of DARK-DANK-DISCOTEQUE 2-spuges…

QWoCFF 2008

June 13-15, 2008 4TH ANNUAL QUEER WOMEN OF COLOR FILM FESTIVAL Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project (QWOCMAP) Brava Theater, 2781 24th Street, SF Film Screenings FREE Left to Right:  Madeleine Lim, T. Kebo Drew, Liliana Hueso Photo…

Rally the Troupes 4

June 13 &14, 2008 RALLY THE TROUPES 4: A night of savvy political and sexy queer performance! Drew Montana & Kentucky Fried Woman Somarts 9:00pm Tickets: $10-$15 Sliding Scale Drew Montana with Kentucky Fried Woman Photo…

Queeriosity 2008

June 13, 2008 QUEERIOSITY Youth Speaks LGBT Community Center – 2nd Floor 6:00pm Free Meilani Clay Now in its 11 year, Youth Speaks is proud to present its annual Queeriosity event. An intergenerational evening of spoken word,…

Queer Open Mic 2008

June 13 & 27, 2008 QUEER OPEN MIC Cindy Emch & Mollena Williams Vince & Pete's Three Dollar Bill Cafe 8pm show, 7:30pm sign up Tickets: $1 - $5 Sliding Scale Mollena Williams & Cindy Emch: Photo by Marlo Gayle. 6/13 Queer…

Faith and Sexuality

June 12, 2008 FAITH AND SEXUALITY ON FILM AND IN PERSON JCC East Bay 7:30pm Film Tickets: Free for JCC Members; $8.00 for general or $15 for the 3 Film Pass Info & tickets: www.jcceastbay.org Still image from Trembling Before…

Border Out 2008

June 12, 2008 BORDER OUT Curator-Trilce Santana SomArts 7:30pm Tickets $8-$15 Sliding Scale Photo by Leilani Nisperos BORDER OUT is a collaborative of Bay Area-based LGBT immigrants.  Through spoken word, music, theater, and comedy,…

Queer Loving

June 12, 2008 QUEER LOVING: Mixed Race Queers Celebrating Loving vs Virginia Curators-Luis Gutierrez Mock and Luna Maia LGBT Ctr – 4th Floor 7:30pm (l - r) Luna Maia, Solidad de Costa, Stuart Gaffney and Yosenio V. Lewis: Photo…

Dykes on Bikes

June 12, 2008 30 YEARS OF A RIDE - DYKES ON BIKES Curators: GLBT Historical Society 6:00pm Exhibition – May 15 – July 11 Free Photo by Crawford Barton, Courtesy Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society, Crawford…

Remembering June Jordan

June 11, 2008 REMEMBERING JUNE JORDAN Curator-Maiana Minahal LGBT Community Center – 4th Floor 7:30pm Tickets $8 - $15 Sliding Scale June Jordan: Photo by Gwen Phillips Queer poets come together for one stellar night of poetry…

This Is The Thing

June 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 2008 THIS IS THE THING Kirk Read The Garage 8:00pm Tickets: $12-$15 Sliding Scale Photo by Ed Wolf Writer/performer Kirk Read and musician Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney create an evening of stories about sex…

Start Here, Go Anywhere

June 7, 2008 START HERE, GO ANYWHERE The San Francisco LGBT Community Center Presents: Pride Month 2008 Kick-Off Celebration 12:30 - 4pm 7:00pm Film Screening - Youth Artists Workin' it Out SF LGBT Community Center Donations requested…

The Outsiders

June 10, 17, 24, 2008 THE OUTSIDERS Curator: Michelle Tea The Main Library 6:00pm Free S&M Zorro: Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Liverpool Biennial, 2002.  Photo by Manual Vason. A three-part series that asks contemporary underground…

Children of the Last Days

June 8-9, 2008 CHILDREN OF THE LAST DAYS Thandiwe Thomas De Shazor The Garage 8:00pm Tickets: $10 - $20 sliding scale Buy Tickets: Brown Paper Tickets ; res. 885-4006 This is a Qcc/SAFEhouse AIRspace Program Thandiwe Thomas De Shazor…

Show and Tell

June 8, 2008 SHOW AND TELL Curator: Sara Seinberg Voice Factory Time: 7:00pm Tickets: $15 Show and Tell (l - r) Carmen White, Elitrea Frye, Sookie Koban, Sara Seinberg, Shirley Carter Photo: Ginger Robinson. Pairing a visual…


June 7, 2008 THE BEST OF SAN FRANCISCO IN EXILE: PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE SFinX The Garage 8:00pm Spoken Word/Lit Tickets: $10 - $20 Sliding Scale; res. 885-4006 Photo of Horehound Stillpoint San Francisco in Exile is a rabble-rousing,…


June 7 – July 12, 2008 RESTOS DE OBRA Y SEXO: REMNANTS OF WORK AND SEX Jillian Soto Presented in Conjunction with: Fresh Meat in the Gallery V: Riots & Revelations LGBT Community Center – 1st Floor Opening Reception: 6:00pm Visual…


June 7 - July 12, 2008 FRESH MEAT IN THE GALLERY V RIOTS & REVELATIONS Presented by Fresh Meat Productions LGBT Community Center – 3rd Floor Opening reception: June 7, 6:00pm Gallery hours: Monday-Friday Noon-10pm, Saturday 9am-10pm,…

bi-licious 2008

June 7, 2008 bi-licious LGBT Community Center - 2nd Floor Time: 6:00pm Art Reception/7pm Performance Tickets: $8-$15 Sliding Scale bi-licious builds community with bisexuals and the larger queer and queer-friendly community through…

The Love of Brothers

June 7, 2008 THE QUEER LATINA/O ARTS FESTIVAL-2008 The Love of Brothers A Staged Reading, featuring: Mario Golden and Mauricio Leyton Galeria de la Raza 7:30pm Tickets: $8 Mario Golden THE LOVE OF BROTHERS tells the story of Rogelio…

Trans As F**k

June 7, 2008 TRANS AS F*CK Curated by Storm Florez.   Original concept by Storm Florez and Seeley Quest SomArts 9:30pm Tickets: $8-$15 Sliding Scale Photo by Darling Propaganda Trans as F*ck: An evening of TranSEXxxhibitionism…

Untold Stories & Fighting Back

June 7, 2008 UNTOLD STORIES & FIGHTING BACK Femina Potens Gallery 7:00pm-10:00pm Free Sculpture by Anne Drew Potter “me and my sister or identification with the aggressor” Visual and performative expressions by transwomen…

Exit Sign

June 5, 6, 7, 2008 EXIT SIGN: A ROCK OPERA  “get ready to believe in…” Written & Directed by Carrie Baum with collaboration by the cast Voice Factory 8:00pm Photo from left to right: Carrie Baum, Erik Gross, Steffanos…

QueLaco 2008

June 6, 2008 THE QUEER LATINA/O ARTS FESTIVAL - 2008 VISUAL ART EXHIBIT Galeria de la Raza Friday, June 6, - 7:30pm Suggested Donations: $2 Exhibition One - Maria: Politics. Sex. Death. Men curated by Leonardo Herrera Partipating…


June 6 - 8 & 13 -15, 2008 WONDERBOY Joe Goode Performance Group Yerba Buena Center 8:00pm/Sundays 7:00pm Photo by RJ Muna In this new collaboration with master puppeteer Basil Twist, Goode integrates yet another art form into…

Pass the Torch

June 6, 2008 PASS THE TORCH TOUR QUEER CONTROL RECORDS El Rio 9:00pm Music Tickets: $8-$15 Sliding Scale For more info go to: www.queercontrol.com Tough Tough Skin Queer Control Records presents the “Pass the Torch” West…

Open Your Eyes Queer Film Festival

June 6, 2008 OPEN YOUR EYES QUEER FILM FESTIVAL LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX Tina Butcher Femina Potens 8:00pm Photo of Twincest by Jessica Wallen Screening hot queer films and porn by and for queers followed by a panel on "How To Make…

Hogwarts Express

June 6 & 7, 2008 HOGWARTS EXPRESS: THE MUSICAL! Co-directed by Indigo Esmonde & Meredith Fenton SomArts 7:00pm Tickets: $10-$15 sliding scale Buy Tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/33720 In library its (l to…


June 5, 6, 7, 2008 EXIT SIGN: A ROCK OPERA  “get ready to believe in…” Written & Directed by Carrie Baum with collaboration by the cast Voice Factory 8:00pm Tickets: $15  Buy Tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/34604 Photo…

That’s Revolting

June 5, 2008 THAT'S REVOLTING! RADICAL QUEER ACTIVISM - PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE MATTilda Main Library 6pm Free Mattilda: Photo by Jeffrey Walls Join Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore to celebrate the arrival of the expanded second…

The Grown Woman Show

June 5 & 6, 2008 THE GROWN WOMAN SHOW Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha The Garage 8pm Tickets: $10-$20 This is a Qcc/SAFEhouse AIRspace Program Photo credit- self portrait by Leah The Grown Woman Show is a fearless, sexy…


June 4, 2008 FRINGES, MARGINS & BORDERS Curators: Leo Garcia (Highways) & Michelle Tea (Radar) LGBT Community Center - 2nd Floor 7:30pm Tickets: Tickets: $8-$15 Sliding Scale Buy Tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/34351 A…

Radar Reading Series 2008

June 1, 2008 Michelle Tea's monthly showcase of underground and superstar writers goes totally GAY in June, with an all-star lineup of queer literary mavericks, and extra-special homemade treats served during the dynamic question and answer…

American Idyll

 June 1, 2008 Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA) presents American Idyll (The GAPA Show 2008), a multimedia event featuring visual arts, written word and performance that explores what it means to be gay and American when one is of Asian…

I Touch Myself

June 1, 2008 Closing celebration for "I Touch Myself" visual art works, illustrations, paintings, and photography by women and transgendered artists on the subject of masturbation featuring Ellen Stagg, Twiz Rimer, and, SM Shifflett,…

Making Room for Wonder

 June 1. 2008 Wonder opens horizons of possibility beyond the constraints of “nature” and “law.” It makes room for desire, for doubt, for dreams, for experimentation, for resistance, for things not known and considered unimaginable.…

Making Room For Wonder – 2008

MAKING ROOM FOR WONDER Curator: Tirza True Latimer Assoc. Curator: Robert C. Melton SomArts San Francisco June 1 - 30, 2008 Wonder opens horizons of possibility beyond the constraints of “nature” and “law.” It makes room…


Pamela Peniston – Artistic Director
Rudy Lemcke – Online Programs Director
Chris Dunaway – Production Manager
Chris Dunaway – Festival Coordinator
Tirza True Latimer – Curator
Robert C. Melton – Associate Curator
Lisa Geduldig – Publicist
DENDESIGN – Graphic Design
Jeff Jones – Development Director
Sean Dorsey – Development Assistant
Lavette Virden – Business Manager
Ramona Webb – Box Office Manager
Eli Steffen – Receptions & Concessions
Chris Dunaway, National Queer Arts Festival Co-ordinator


Trilce Santana, President
Jeff Jones
Lynnly Labovitz
Rudy Lemcke
Pamela Peniston
Juan Alberto Tam

Dr. Marcy Adelman, Advisory Member


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Qcc: The Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender Art & Culture
Founded in 1993, the Queer Cultural Center (Qcc) is a multidisciplinary arts-presenting organization that conducts artistic and interpretive programs exploring queer identity issues. Our programs promote the careers of lesbian gay bi transgender artists, foster the growth of queer arts organizations, and serve queer and non-queer audiences alike. By presenting, exhibiting, and screening queer artists’ work, Qcc contributes a multicultural perspective on the lesbian gay bi transgender experience.